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Download the presentation on satellite communications presented by OCENS at the Newport Safety-at-Sea event.
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Bermuda Ocean Race Rental
Bermuda Ocean Race Rental
OCENS makes renting a satellite phone easy. We also have the expertise and value add services to help you get the most out of your phone rental should you want to use this for email and / or weather downloads.
WeatherNet 4
WeatherNet 4
WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world. It gives you access to thousands of weather and ocean data products world wide, all available to the user on demand by the push of a button.
GRIB Explorer
GRIB Explorer
OCENS GRIB Explorer offers unprecedented access to the power of GRIB data.
Newport - Bermuda Race Check-Out
Newport - Bermuda Race Check-Out
Reserve a race check out slot for the 2014 Newport-Bermuda Race.
Optimizer 102 Accesspoint WiFi
Optimizer 102 Accesspoint WiFi
Wireless Satellite Router and Firewall

OCENS is pleased to once again provide our

WeatherNet Race

service at no charge for this years Bermuda Ocean Races.

Over the years OCENS has become the premier source for weather and ocean data among the racing community. Hi-Resolution sea-surface temperature data, ocean currents, wind, wave, Gulf Stream data, Bermuda weather service charts, and more are all available from one easy to use source - OCENS WeatherNet.

This free download will be available here the June 1, 2014.

But it does not stop there… OCENS also provides the satellite phone systems that allow you to stay connected and access these data while at sea. We offer satellite phone rentals for the trip as well as purchase packages for those looking to outfit their vessels for the long haul.

We have experienced the rush which is the last minute preparation of your vessel communications for the race ahead and know what it takes to get you going. Whether its ordering some last minute equipment, a phone call into our support staff or an appointment with one of our field personnel on your vessel in Newport the week prior to the race - OCENS is here to help you.

  • Schedule a Race Check-out in Newport - for those of you participating in the Newport -Bermuda Race - OCENS can help to make sure your satelite communication equipment is working with your computer and your OCENS software and services.
  • Contact OCENS to discuss your vessel's configuration and how we can assist you with your onboard voice, weather, and email communications.


WeatherNet and WeatherNet Race:

WeatherNet is a service designed to allow you to easily identify, access and download weather and ocean data of interest to you. WeatherNet enables users of slower satellite phones to affordably access the same weather information that has traditionally only been available to the vessels with expensive, high speed satellite systems. The WeatherNet service uniquely levels the accessibility playing field and in doing so enhances performance, safety and enjoyment across all users regardless of their on-board satellite system.

How WeatherNet Works:

WeatherNet simplifies access to weather and ocean data. It eliminates the need to surf the web at expensive rates or send an email request and then wait for a reply with your files to come back. Everything is handled quickly and reliably in one session. Just launch the WeatherNet software on your computer and select the weather information you wish to download. When you are ready just click on the Download button – WeatherNet will then dial out on your satellite phone and immediately download the requested weather files. Once the download is completed WeatherNet automatically terminates the call and launches the appropriate software to view the data. If your download was interrupted because of dropped satellite signal, you just need to click the Download button again and WeatherNet picks up where it left off before signal loss.

The business model for a standard WeatherNet account is this:

Annual access fee: $99
Content charges: On a per file basis. The fee per file ranges from 10¢ to $1 for the majority of the products with high resolution ocean data avaliable at $5 per file. Data are obtained from public and private sources. Public data includes weather charts, buoy reports, text reports and forecasts, satellite images, as well as GRIB data from all the standard models such as GFS, NMG, WW3, Hycom, RTOFS ocean currents and temperature data. Privately sourced data from the likes of Jenifer Clark and Chris Parker are also avaialble. All data are highly compressed and file transfer is accelerated through the patented WeatherNet client-server synergys. Available data includes all of the NOAA weather charts, buoy reports, text reports and forecasts, satellite images, as well as GRIB data from all the standard models such as GFS, NMG, WW3, Hycom, RTOFS ocean currents and temperature data.

There is some data in the standard version of WeatherNet that is not normally available to the public. These data come from sources such as Jenifer Clark and Chris Parker.

WeatherNet Race:
OCENS has gone the extra mile in helping you to comply with the race rules and discourage users from accessing data that is not race compliant. The “Race” version of WeatherNet blocks access to non-public data sets. We also offer the entire service and all downloads for free to anyone during the race period.

Q)        I already have the standard WeatherNet installed, how do I convert this to the race version?
A)        Download and install the WeatherNet Race version for your race. Installing this will convert your current version to the race version. If you are running an earlier versionof WeatherNet you will be directed to uninstall this older version before installing WeatherNet Race. While running the Race version, you will not have access to any of the non-public data and you will not be charged for any downloads. After the race you will need to click on the ”Convert from Race Version” tool from your desktop or program menu (under OCENS WeatherNet on the Program list) to convert back to the standard version and restore access to the full WeatheNet library.

Q)        How do I get WeatherNet for the race?
A)        You will be able to download WeatherNet Race, install it and register for a race account. You will now be able to use WeatherNet free of charge. After the race you will just click on the ”convert from race version” tool from your desktop or program menu under OCENS WeatherNet to convert back to the standard version or uninstall the software.