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App for messaging satellite phones.
GRIB Explorer Plus for iPad
GRIB Explorer Plus for iPad
The only iPad GRIB viewer with satellite phone support!

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery and business continuity plan must incorporate a communications system that will be ready and available to use when primary systems fail. An emergency communications system should also be quickly deployable, and easy to set up and use.

Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and climactic events such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and wind storms commonly wreak havoc on infrastructure, particularly conventional communications systems. Seismic events, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, also typically cause damage to communications systems that rely on physical infrastructure.

Land based communications systems rely on a network of physical cabling, so if critical points in this network are severed or disabled due to a power outage or equipment failure, regular communications systems could be unavailable until the network is physically repaired. Both voice and internet services can be affected. Similarly, cellular networks rely on physical towers and ground stations in the immediate area that can be damaged or disabled as a result of a natural disaster and render the network inoperable. If a cellular network’s infrastructure survives the event, the networks themselves aren’t usually capable of supporting the spike in traffic and are either overloaded, or circuits are preemptively reserved for only authorized emergency response personnel.

The only platform that can overcome these natural and technological obstacles and still provide standard voice calling and internet service is satellite. The reason is that a satellite terminal only requires a line of site with the satellite in space, so the condition of surrounding infrastructure bears no relevance on the ability to place a call or connect to the internet. Furthermore, satellite provides universal coverage worldwide, and the equipment is battery powered, compact, and portable, so it can be easily relocated. The equipment is easy enough for the average person to operate and doesn’t require any special certifications or licenses.

OCENS specializes in satellite communications, and has developed an optimized series of kits, based on our experience in supporting recovery efforts, that contain everything you need to maintain communications during an outage. Each kit fits into a compact, watertight, and impact resistant Pelican case making it easy to stage and mobilize during any type of disaster or emergency. The kits have the option of including satellite phones for voice, BGAN terminals for internet service and multiple voice lines, backup power with solar charging, and backup lighting. OCENS can further customize your kit to meet your individual specifications. See the standard kit options below for full details and specifications, and feel free to contact the sales department at OCENS with any questions.