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QWIP Satellite News Aggregator

For Windows only

Impossibly long waits to obtain news updates over your low-bandwidth satellite phone? Expensive experiences going to a web site just to get a stock quote? Interested in following your favorite team’s scores and game recaps? QWIP delivers them all in seconds. QWIP brings the page to you and closes the communication door behind it to prevent runaway usage. And QWIP delivers results and highlights for a sport or ‘your’ team through even the slowest connection.

QWIP stands for Quick Web Information Pulls. It’s the latest in a long line of products from OCENS that cost-effectively deliver content to your computer or wireless device through satellite connections. Use QWIP to select the sport, team, stock or news category(s) of interest to you. Each QWIP you start then pulls results pertinent to those selections. QWIP auto-dials through your satellite phone, pulls the content you desire rapidly to you and then closes the connection behind it. Because we open and close the door to the Internet for you there is no chance to accidentally leave that door open and incur unexpected airtime expenses, unnecessary downloads or unwanted updates if connecting via broadband satellite. And because we figuratively dash through that open door we also make it possible for low-bandwidth users on Iridium GO! and Iridium, Globalstar (as well as SatFi and 9600), IsatPhone and Thuraya handhelds to acquire the sports, stocks and news information they desire.

Presently QWIP offers news in ten categories: US, World, Business, US Politics, Science, Technology, Entertainment, Health, Politics and Odd Stories. QWIP allows you to customize the type of news in which you are interested and would like to receive with your QWIP tranfers! You only spend your valuable satellite airtime on the news of real interest to you. A sample of headlines and story leader’s are retrieved to you for offline viewing for each of your topical areas of interest. If interested in more information than is in the leader, the link from which the news item was acquired is also presented so you can look at the full story. Or you can ask QWIP to pull additional story elements as part of your next QWIP transfer.

QWIP Sports
Professional and college football and basketball, as well as professional baseball, hockey and soccer scores are accessible with QWIP. If a result is of particular interest, ask for a QWIP game recap. Or if you have a favorite team or group of teams you like to follow, add those teams to your default QWIP transfer list and QWIP will pull scores and news related to them each time you run a QWIP connect.

QWIP Stocks
Stock performance data is delivered in response to the company symbols you specify in QWIP. Price, percent change, daily high/low and annual high/low values are delivered for each stock you are following with QWIP. Symbols can be entered manually or by selecting them from the extensive QWIP stock symbol library. Major index values are also available if desired.

QWIP Comments A special feature of QWIP allows you to comment upon and exchange viewpoints on news, sports and stock items that you are following. Just as you can view the comments of others, your comments are shared with other QWIP users looking at the same teams or news categories. QWIP Comments allow even the most remote of customers to stay involved in the today’s action and breaking events.

QWIP Service and ‘QWIPs’
QWIP means many things. It’s a service for which you can sign-up for in convenient 3, 6 or 12 month terms. But it’s also the basic unit of transfer in that service. Each service term bundles several hundred QWIP transfers with it. QWIP transfers or ‘QWIPs’ log your service use; one QWIP is used for each item moved to you via the QWIP service. You can add QWIPs to your account from within the QWIP software or online at .

Once you’ve installed QWIP on your computer and activated your service (through the app itself, online at the OCENS web site or with a prepaid voucher), launch the QWIP Content Wizard and page through the sports, news and stock pages it offers. Click on the areas of interest to you to move them to your QWIP personal library. Toggle these items on and off prior to your QWIP transfers or return to the Wizard to add to this list.

Move to the QWIP Transfer screen by clicking on the main screen’s Download button. The Transfer screen provides access to communication controls and summarizes both your current QWIP balance and the number of QWIPs that will be used in the transfer you are about to start. If all looks good, click GO to start the transfer. QWIP then auto-dials through your satellite device, via either a cable or wifi connection, and pulls the information to you. Perhaps most importantly, it closes that communication door behind it to prevent airtime surprises.

Retrieved information is loaded into the main screen and each piece of content is given its own window. View, review, and comment upon the items as you see fit and while offline; no worrying about how much airtime you are consuming or what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ when reading the article online over your satellite connection.

QWIP Transfer Time
QWIP is all about quick. It’s all about saving you time or reducing your concerns about excessive airtime usage. Here are some sample transfer times organized by device and content type. Although your actual experiences may vary a little based on signal strength and other issues, the gist of the table is clear. QWIP makes it finally possible for you to follow the news, sports and stock markets over even the slowest of satellite connections!

Please note that using satellite data services with your PC requires that you use a Sidekick Wi-Fi / Firewall device with Windows 10 and is highly recommended for Windows 7 and 8). If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Download the installer program and save it to your desktop or other folder and then run it to install the software.

(Approx: 65MB)


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