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Item #: wxbndl
Price: $337.00
Includes the following:
  • WeatherNet 4 - ($99.00)
  • GRIB Explorer - ($199.00)
  • Modern Marine Weather, 2nd Edition - ($39.00)
Prepaid Data Card (see description under More Details below for limitations):

The most comprehensive set of tools for weather and ocean retrieval and analysis in the world.

OCENS Weather Pack gives you all the tools you need to download weather and ocean information with WeatherNet on to your computer via your satellite phone, cellular phone or other internet connection. Once that information is on your computer OCENS GRIB Explorer and or MetMapper software products kick in and display the files in interactive formats to help you plan your voyages.


  • Compatible with Windows*

* Windows 10 (also highly recommended for all PC configurations) requires a compatible satellite phone or a Sidekick (CLICK HERE for details) for compatibility with your satellite phone.

This package bundle includes to following:

dot WeatherNet - Global Weather Service
WeatherNet is a system designed to optimize the download of weather and ocean data products via wireless connections. The service offers highly compressed marine coastal, offshore and high seas text forecasts, weathercharts, buoy data, NEXTAD radar, GRIB files, and many more formats from sources such as NOAA, European MET, NOAA, Jenifer Clark, Chris Parker, Buoyweather and more. With over 20,000 continuously updated weather products, WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world. All data are available to the user on demand by the push of a button.

dot GRIB Explorer - Software for viewing GRIB weather files
Now that you have downloaded these wonderful GRIB files to your computer using our WeatherNet service - what software are you going to use to view them?

OCENS GRIB Explorer offers unprecedented access to the power of GRIB data. GRIB, short for GRIdded Binary, data is a unique form of weather and ocean data heretofore the exclusive province of ocean racers, shipping lines, and routing companies running sophisticated and expensive software packages. With a simple interface operating in synchrony with the streamlined data access engine of OCENS WeatherNet, GRIB Explorer levels the playing field. Now any at-sea user, from day sailors to coastal cruisers and fishermen, can acquire and put to use the weather and ocean insights offered by GRIB data. 


dot MetMapper - Software for text, satellite images and weather charts
How do you view all the other weather that is available in WeatherNet? OCENS MetMapper transforms weather maps, satellite images, and ocean charts, into dynamic components of your at-sea decision-making tool box.

MetMapper offers to all non-GRIB data what our GRIB Explorer software does for the GRIB data. That is, it will take classical weather data such as weather charts, ocean charts and satellite imagery and render them into interactive elements that carry a map overlay, position vessel and route/waypoint information, display TV-like animations of charts and imagery, window text forecasts alongside of graphical elements and enable an array of annotation tools intended to allow the user to more deeply analyze the weather or ocean charts.

dot  Modern Marine Weather by David Burch

A new, comprehensive text on how to take weather into account for the planning and navigation of voyages, local or global, using the latest technologies as well as the time-honored skills of maritime tradition, so that your time on the water remains as safe and efficient as possible.

dot WeatherNet Prepaid Data Cards
OCENS gives you the option to simplify your accounting and pre-pay for your WeatherNet weather downloads vs. the regular monthly billings.

$30 and $75 data services cards valid for three and six months from date of card activation, respectively. Other data services cards valid for one year from date of card activation. Card must be activated within six months of date of purchase. Funds left on card after expiration date are non-refundable and do not roll-over to next period. Downloads conducted after the data services card has expired or reached a zero balance will be billed directly to user’s credit card at full rate displayed within WeatherNet file list.