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Networking Assistance for Vessel and Remote Land-Mobile Operations

OCENS is uniquely positioned to assist the individual boat owner, small to mid-size fleet or remote camp or mine operator implement effective wireless and wired networking for operations, crew and guests. We combine robust, in-house networking expertise with years of experience in these operating environments. Moreover, because we work daily with the satellite systems which your networks will have to connect to home or office we understand better than most the affect these systems have on network design and performance. OCENS also can augment basic networking design concepts with appliances that work with your network to deliver low-cost VOIP calling and meter access to the Internet with bandwidth shaping and captive portal pins.

Networking Design

OCENS professionals will meet with you to discuss your installation site, be it vessel or land remote, and understand what you want to accomplish at this location. Ideally, this meeting will include a site survey by an OCENS professional to ensure we capture the full complexity of your installation in our response to you. From these initial meetings we will document for you an initial design for your location including routers, switches, wireless access points and value-add appliances addressing any special needs of your operation. We will discuss in this report potential bottlenecks or areas of concern and ways to mitigate these problems. The document will also identify and recommend equipment manufacturers. Upon acceptance of the design, you can then use in-house or other technicians to install the equipment or have OCENS coordinate this install for you. Upon completion of the install, OCENS will test and verify that it is working as anticipated.


If you are interested in restricting access from your network to the Internet or shaping this access so that bandwidth is preserved for operational purposes, OCENS webXacclerator (wXa) appliances uniquely address these needs. To models of the webXacclerator are available:

  • wXa 202 Mini: The Mini locks down your satellite terminals so that runaway airtime usage is eliminated. Windows and virus updates which because of their size inherently lead to excessive airtime charges are completely blocked. Skype and similarly intrusive and persistent bandwidth hogs are terminated. In fact, only usage through one of OCENS data services such as OCENS Mail, WeatherNet or XWeb will run at all through the wXa mini. As such, you can rest assured that airtime surprises are a thing of the past.
  • wXa 302: The 302 accomplishes everything delivered by the Mini but provides a more flexible suite of installation options and more robust set of services. OCENS has configured the 302 firmware to provide the same level of protection against updates and Skype and Skype-like programs as does the Mini. However, the unit can also be configured to provide:
  • Captive Portal access pins: By funnelling all traffic from your network through the wXa, the wXa can then restrict network access to the Internet to only those individuals who have purchased from you a wXa pin. Not only does the wXa then control access and prevent unrecoverable airtime expenses, it also creates a potential revenue stream for you from these pin sales.
  • Bandwidth Shaping: The wXa can allow guest or crew users to connect to the Internet at one speed and vessel or camp operations at another. This ensures that you will always have the bandwidth needed to operate your company but still offer Internet and email access that boosts morale.
  • Compression: Three levels of compression are built into the wXa architecture. These compression levels can save countless dollars by reducing the volume of bytes which are moved between your network and the Internet.
  • Failover: If you have more than one communication system at your location, the 302 can connect your network to each device. In so doing, it can eliminate network downtime by automatically switching to the backup system should the primary go offline.
  • Remote Monitoring: OCENS can enable within your wXa setup the ability to remotely monitor from your home office the activity on your vessel or remote network. Reports can also be generated that document this activity for each IP address on your network, including the sites these individual users visited on the Internet.

For more information on how OCENS can help to optimize your satellite communications network please contact us:CLICK HERE