OCENS Sidekick
Turn Your Satellite Phone Into a Global Wi-Fi Hotspot

The OCENS Sidekick Satellite Wi-Fi Router transforms your Wi-Fi-less satellite phone into a powerful internet communication device with a single, simple connection.

With the Sidekick, you can use your smartphones, tablets, and computers to access weather, email, messaging, and more over your existing satellite phone.

Optimize Your Satellite Wi-Fi with OCENS and Sidekick

OCENS software is designed for optimized communication through the Sidekick with the Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar or MSAT satellite networks. With a simple press of the ‘Connect’ button in an OCENS app, you’ll auto-dial through the Sidekick, connect to the satellite network, access email, weather data, position reports, text messaging, web browsing and more, and then automatically disconnect.

The Sidekick also allows you to expand access to the greater internet while lowering the risk of slow speeds or costly connections. Precision administrative controls allow you to define and restrict access for additional IP addresses, domains, and ports. Through these rigid security settings, the Sidekick offers greater connectivity while denying access to bandwidth and dollar-consuming data hogs.

Expand Your Onboard Broadband Capabilities

Our broadband FleetOne, FleetBroadband, and OpenPort customers can also use the Sidekick to submit automated positioning reports to the OCENS SnapTrack (www.ocens.com/snaptrack) vessel tracking service. SnapTrack permits individual and group tracking and private messaging.

Choose Your Sidekick

Basic and Pro versions are available to meet your needs and budget

  Sidekick Sidekick Pro
Connects with Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar and MSAT satellite phones X X
Works with Wi-Fi-capable Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet devices X X
Cable-less and driver-less connectivity X X
Background filtering to block interference with your connection*
Compatibility with the full suite of OCENS satellite-optimized apps**
Power-over Ethernet (PoE)
External antenna for extended range X
$129 $149
* Permits the processing of data requests placed by any OCENS software or apps.
** Apps are free to download. Additional charges may apply. Please call an OCENS representative for details.

Both the Basic and Pro models are compatible with all OCENS software and apps, including:

OneMailQuickly check your Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange, and other mail accounts over satellite without the risk of added costs or junk mail
OneMessage The only secure, person-to-person satellite messaging app.
OCENSMailwww.ocens.com/ocensmail Access email through a dedicated OCENS mail account and addressing
OCENSWeb www.ocens.com/ocensweb Web acceleration service enabling web access through satellite connections.
WeatherNetThe leader in fast, remote access to weather and ocean data worldwide. Also available as WeatherNet Pesca, for Spanish-language access.

SAGA Explorer for iPad
SAGA Explorer for iPadCompressed GRIB, text, buoy, and radar delivery and unparalleled visualization tools for your iPad.

The Sidekick is compatible with:

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