7 GB BGAN Airtime Plan
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Item #: 7 GB BGAN Prepaid
Price: $14,009.00
Upgrade Priority Rate:  
  • Activation - ($50.00)
7 GB BGAN Prepaid Sim Plan
Valid 12 months
7 GB at $13959 = $1.99 per MB.
Top up at anytime
  • Sim card includes 7 GB that may be used at any time during the 12 month period.
  • Phone calls billed at $0.79 per minute to any landline and $1.09 to any cell phone. Incoming calls are FREE.
  • SMS texting billed at $0.50 per outgoing message. Incoming messages are FREE.
  • Add SnapTrack position reporting with portal messaging for $10 per month. More Information

How does Highest Priority routing differ from Standard routing?

There is no difference unless there is a lot of BGAN traffic congestion. Since BGAN traffic is typicaly minimal, congestion is seldom an issue.