ASE MC08: ComCenter Indoor
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Item #: ASE-MC08
Price: $4,975.00
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The ASE Comcenter Indoor is a powerful Fixed Station Terminal (FST) for the Iridium network. For applications where “Grab-and-Go” doesn’t apply–applications that wouldn’t be ideal for having a removable satellite phone, this is simple, straightforward terminal that has POTS (RJ-11) for phones nearby, or very far away. It also works very well with the Intelligent Handset if a POTS phone isn’t used.

The Comcenter Indoor acts exactly like any other Iridium satellite phone. An analog phone (RJ11) or Intelligent Handset will have to be employed for dialing, ringing and listening purposes. If the facility is large, we recommend using our analog phone ASE-PT01 provides not only a phone that can be 4000 meters away from the Comcenter Indoor but has detailed dialing instructions as a placard mounted to the phone to eliminate any confusion during stressful situations. Install the Comcenter Indoor quickly with our antenna kits, and maintenance is minimal—no batteries to replace every two years, like the Iridium handset.