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Aura VSAT Solution

OCENS is proud to offer the Aura VSAT solution from Satcom Global

The Aura VSAT portfolio delivers high bandwidth Ku-Band services to provide industry leading flexibility and value. Aura is available with a broad range of customisable speeds and packages, and always with a CIR, to address the budgets and operational needs of customers across commercial shipping, fishing, offshore and leisure markets.


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10 reasons the biggest fleets are installing Aura

We believe that Aura has advantages over many of the VSAT service options available on the market today, as it was purpose built to offer the best service quality, coverage, flexibility, value and longevity.

OCENS offers lease plans that include equipment and unlimited airtime at various speeds to suite your needs*.

Data Speed (MIR) 6144 down / 1536 up 4096 down / 2048 up 2048 down / 1024 up 512 down / 256 up
Monthly Cost $5793 $4195 $2748 $1605
*Other plans available.

Besides the great rates, here are some of the other reasons why the biggest fleets are turning to Aura for their maritime communications:

1. Organically growing network operating across the iDirect Velocity platform

Aura VSAT operates via a state of the art, low contention network, where capacity is added with every customer who joins it, keeping service quality at its optimum. Aura also recently benefitted from an upgrade to the leading iDirect Velocity pltaform, futureproofing the network, adding new coverage and capacity and providing a seamless pathway to accessing High Throughput Satellites (HTS) as they come online. Aura also recently transitioned to the brand new SES-12 HTS, enhancing service coverage across Asia and the Middle East.

2. Leading Ku-band coverage spanning all major shipping routes

Aura has one of the best examples of Ku-Band coverage available on the market today spanning the world’s oceans and major shipping lanes in partnership with leading satellite networks including SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat and Sky Perfect JSAT. The recent Velocity upgrade has enhanced coverage across the Indian Ocean Region, busy European waters and the Americas with a focus on the US West Coast, Alaska, Panama and the Caribbean.

3. Iridium Certus delivering best-ever 'truly global' L-Band back-up

Aura VSAT now benefits from Iridium Certus back-up following the completion of the Iridium NEXT constellation. The new service offers the fastest L-band speeds available, truly global coverage and a range of additional features which will enable Aura customers to do much more in back-up mode. Of course, access to a reliable Ku connection is our priority and Aura provides automatic Ku to L-band service switching, with alerting that ensures our technical team are notified of any problems and proactively seek a solution. Seamless Ku prioritization means that once Ku connection is restored, the system switches back to the VSAT service, ensuring customers have access to optimum bandwidth at all times.

4. Flexible, competitively priced packages

Aura is available in a wide range of flexible packages with mix and match options for airtime and hardware, to suit specific requirements for different vessels and fleets. We’re also confident that our pricing is some of the best available on the market, ensuring that everything is included upfront with no hidden costs and complete transparency.

5. Innovative value added solutions

Our proprietary developed IPSignature 4 solution sits at the heart of Aura, monitoring performance in the background, and proactively supporting our technical teams with full visibility and access to vessel networks. IPSignature 4 also enables customers to manage their own fleet communications and provides BYOD access for crew communications.

6. CIR guarantees bandwidth across all packages

All Aura packages have a Committed Information Rate (CIR), which is the guaranteed bandwidth rate that the customer can expect at all times. Most other providers cannot offer a CIR, as they can’t guarantee bandwidth due to contention on their networks.

7. Unmatched fair use policy

Aura has a very flexible fair use policy which will never impact our CIR. Our intention is not to restrict bandwidth or specific applications; only to prevent abuse of the service.

8. Leading SLA of 99.5% network uptime

Our CIR is guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement which includes a network uptime commitment of 99.5% for Ku-band. This is our guarantee of service quality.

9. Proactive 24/7 technical support

Our support team are online and available to speak to customers round the world on a 24/7 basis to assist with any technical requirements or issues. Aura’s intelligent monitoring software and alerting capabilities means that we are often notified of a problem and can be investigating it, long before the problem causes an issue on-board.

10. Industry leading, rapid installation delivered by marine experts with 45+ years’ experience

Our VSAT implementation and engineering teams ensure that every aspect of Aura installations are carried out quickly and efficiently, no matter where they take place. Our partnership with Intellian ensures we have access to pre-configured and pre-tested hardware in a number of strategic locations.

If you think Aura could benefit your business and you'd like to discuss your communications requirements with us, please fill in the contact form at the top of the page.

Please visit our Resources page to download the Satcom Global Aura product sheet as well as the Intellian v100 and v60 VSAT terminal product sheets. Alternatively please Just Ask if you want to talk to one of our friendly sales team about Satcom Global Aura VSAT.