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Item #: IR-RTL-Race
Price: $0.00
Rental Term:
  • June 1 - July 10
Case Preference:

Optional Prepaid Airtime*:
Email service:
VOCO Service ***:
Rental Damage Insurance**:
Rental Theft Insurance**:
Printable Rental Agreement

OCENS makes renting a satellite phone for the Bermuda race easy. We also have the expertise and value add services to help you get the most out of your phone rental should you want to use this for email and / or weather downloads.

What's Included with your rental

Standard kit includes Phone, 110vac chager, USB data cable.

Take advantage of these OCENS exclusive FREE* services with your Iridium Rental:

Additional software solutions for email and weather:

All data service provided by OCENS requires additional Sidekick Wi-Fi router device


  • NO Activation Fee / Pay-as-you-use
  • $1.85 per minute to PSTN,
  • $2.49 per minute to receive calls via Two-Stage Dialing,
  • $0.99 per min for Iridium-to-Iridium,
  • $10.99 per min for calls to other satellite phones.
*Optional Prepaid Airtime Bundles available (unused minutes expire at end of rental; additional minutes billed at pay-as-you-use rate.)

**Add Insurance:
Protect yourself against loss, theft or damage to your satellite phone rental. If Damage/Loss/Theft protection declined, replacement phone and/or accessories are charged at then current prices listed at Renter is liable for all airtime charges until equipment is reported lost or stolen.

Damage Insurance (Does not cover theft or loss. Repair fees from Iridium start at $350.)

Theft/Loss Insurance (Police report must be filed and provided to OCENS for acceptance of theft claims. Theft protection is only available on rentals staying in the US and Canada. Phone replacement costs are $1200 to $1500 depending on the model.)

***Add a Local Call-In Number for Friends and Family:
Although you do not pay for calls inbound to your rental, friends and family trying to reach you may be charged $10 or more per minute by their telephone carrier (i.e. ATT and others). Our Voco service creates a local dial-in number direct to your rental and bills it at OCENS standard pay-as-you-use rate.