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Bermuda Race

Bermuda Race Focus

Congratulations to the following OCENS customers for their great finishes in 2018 Newport to Bermuda race!

  • ROCKET SCIENCE - 1st in class
  • CHECKMATE - 2nd in class and division
  • DREAMCATCHER - 1st in class
  • ISOLA - 2nd in class
  • KIVA - 2nd in class
  • LUNA - 1st in class
  • WILD GOOSE II - 3rd in class and division
  • ARROWHEAD - 3rd in class
  • YYZ - 1st in class
  • PINNACLE - 1st in class and division
  • OCENS is pleased to work with Bermuda race participants. Our weather services and software have proven time and time again to be best way to access weather while at sea. We can assist you with all of your satellite communications as well as provide email and weather solutions to help you get the most from your satellite equipment and service.

    Satellite Phone Rentals


    OCENS makes renting a satellite phone for the Bermuda race easy. We can provide you with an Iridium handheld phone or the new Iridium GO! and required external antenna, or possibly an Inmarsat Fleet Broadband high speed terminal. We also have the expertise and value add services to help you get the most out of your phone rental should you want to use this for email and / or weather downloads.

    Recommendations for the race:

      9555: The basic Iridium phone. Solid voice, text and low-bandwidth texting;

      9575: Adds an internal GPS to the 9555 for tracking and an emergency alert button. Also a bit more water and drop resistant then the 9555;

      Iridium GO: Technically not a handheld as you use it with your smartphone but has the internal characteristics of the 9575 and includes GPS and an emergency alert button.
    We recommend renting an external antenna kit with whatever Iridium phone path you choose to follow. Since you are using it for data and thus likely to be transferring email or obtaining weather under a variety of times and ocean conditions, an external antenna is an important addition to make that effort as seamless as possible. Rates for our marine antenna kit will also be evident on the rental sheet.

    Reserve as early as possible. We do run out when these large events happen. If you have a rental reservation in with us in March or April we will guarantee a phone for you. Reservations coming in during May are subject to availability.

    To book a satellite phone rental


    Weather download service


    WeatherNet for Windows

    WeatherNet is a service that allows you to easily identify, access and download weather and ocean data of interest to you. Access Gulf Stream GRIB and charts along with hourly high-res wind GRIB's and more. WeatherNet enables users of slower satellite phones to affordably access the same weather information that has traditionally only been available to the vessels with expensive, high-speed satellite systems. GRIB data from WeatherNet is in standard format and can be viewed in your navigation software or our powerful GRIB Explorer software. The WeatherNet service uniquely levels the accessibility playing field and in doing so enhances performance, safety, and enjoyment across all users regardless of their onboard satellite system.

    WeatherNet also come with OCENS OneMessage bundled in!

    With OneMessage text messaging, you can maintain secure, reliable contact with friends, family or fleet members and managers, and you can save time and per- minute satellite charges by texting multiple people at once through public and private groups.


    GRIB Explorer


    Unleash the power of GRIB weather data with OCENS easy-to-use GRIB viewer.


    Email Services


    Tracking services


    The simplest way to track one or many

    Great for the trip back!


    Sidekick Wi-Fi Firewall


    Special note regarding using data services over satellite - it is imparitive that you are using a Sidekick Wi-Fi / Firewall device with your satellite phone. This device greatly simplifies the setup and and operation of your equipment and software as well as provides optimum data dransfer rates. With out this device data calls will be bogged down by background networking services that run on your system. Sidekick devices area available with rental packages and are available for purchase to add in to your existing system. 

    For more information on the Sidekick