Satellite for Business Continuity and Emergency Management
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A disaster recovery and business continuity plan must incorporate a communications system that will be ready and available to use when primary systems fail. Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and climactic events such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and wind storms commonly wreak havoc on infrastructure, particularly conventional communications systems. Seismic events, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, also typically cause damage to communications systems that rely on physical infrastructure. Satellite provides communications independent of PSTN and cellular networks. Point to multi point communications outside of the immediate area can only be accomplished via satellite in these situations, so it should be considered as part of your business continuity management system. An interoperable satellite phone can fulfill these requirements.

Throughout your organization’s business continuity planning, you should be considering the following capabilities: redundant emergency communications, rapid deployable communications, and interoperable communications solutions. Interoperable satellite communications uses equipment ensuring operability and service that is approved redundant communications.


Satellite is an interoperable communications solution according to the interoperability definition. OCENS can provide you with an interoperable sat phone, in order to comply with cooperative agreement wireless communications standards.

Satellite is an approved backup communications solution and is on the FEMA approved equipment list and used in FEMA disaster planning. Satellite is a compliant backup communications platform for the following standards: DHS interoperability, SAFECOMM interoperability, SAFECOMM Emergency Compliant communications, SAFECOMM guidance emergency communications, NIMS compliant communications, UASI backup communications, and HPP approved.

Satellite is also a compliant redundant communications solution for many other agencies and organizations, including: the statewide interoperable communications system, APCO communications, CERT emergency communications, Emergency Communications Preparedness Centers (ECPC), urban area security emergency communications, SHSP communications, GETS communications, NASPO emergency communications, NIMS emergency communications, P25 emergency communications, Port Security Communications, OES communications, SWIC Plan interoperable emergency communications, UAWG Communications, NIFC communications, and regional committee backup communications. For the healthcare sector, hospital preparedness programs incorporate satellite into hospital preparedness plan communications and public health disaster communications

UASI communications plans

Satellite fulfills UASI redundant communications standards and is covered by the UASI communications grant.

Satellite communications are also funded by a variety of other grants including: HPP communications grants, HRSA communications grant, HRSA redundant communications grant, bioterror grant for bioterror communications, PHEP communications grant, EMPG communications grant, and the Operation Stonegarden communications grant.