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Sailor Fleet One from Cobham
Sailor Fleet One from Cobham
Cost effective hardware solutions and tailored airtime options

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VOCO Local # Calling Service
VOCO Local # Calling Service
A unique solution to allow satellite phone users to select one or many local phone numbers that will terminate to their satellite phone.
GRIB Explorer for iPad
SAGA Explorer for iPad
Premium weather, ocean and fishing GRIBs, coastal, offshore, and high seas text forecasts, buoy data and Nexrad radar loops.
WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world. It gives you access to thousands of weather and ocean data products world wide, all available to the user on demand by the push of a button.

Fleet Broadband

Looking for a low cost broadband system? Try the FleetOne system. This is a lower cost upgrade from the FB150 system with drastically lower airtime rates. Click for details

FleetBroadband is the first maritime communications service to provide cost-effective broadband data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis.


Three types of terminals with different performance capabilities are available from multiple manufacturers. All use stabilised, directional antennas and vary in size and weight.


FleetBroadband supports an extensive range of commercially available, off-the-shelf software, as well as specialised user applications. It is ideal for:

  • Remote company intranet and internet access
  • Secure communications
  • Large file transfer
  • Crew communications
  • SMS and instant messaging
  • Videoconferencing