Isat 30m Cable/Passive Antenna (ISD939)
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Item #: CAB-BEAM-INM-30m Passive
Price: $1,045.00

Beam ISD939 Inmarsat 30m antenna cable provides fixed site installations and is pre-terminated with SMA/TNC connectors. The kit includes 30m of Inmarsat antenna cable and 30m of GPS antenna cable The cable can also be used only for fixed installations.

  • 30m antenna cable GBC600 N Type(M) - TNC(M)
  • 30m GPS cable GBC240 SMA(M) - SMA(M)
  • 1x 0.5m Fly Lead GBC240 N Type(F) - SMA(M)
  • * ONLY use with the ISD700 Passive Antenna