IsatData Pro
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IsatData Pro is a two-way small packet data service over the Inmarsat satellite network used to remotely manage fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. The terminals are low-cost, efficient, and programmable, and the airtime plans are cost-effective with pooling options available.


  • Two-way communications
  • Global coverage
  • Omni directional antenna with elevation angle of +20° to +90° (IDP-680) and -5° to +90° (IDP-690)
  • Sending capacity: 6400 bytes
  • Receiving capacity: 10,000 bytes
  • Latency: <15 sec. (100 bytes)
  • 4 analog or digital input/outputs
  • 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 serial ports
  • Input voltage: 9-32V with load dump protection of +150V
  • Power consumption @ 12VDC: o Receive: 45 mA o Receive with GPS: 60mA o Transmit: 0.75 A
  • Programmable scripting
  • 3.5 MB of onboard memory
  • IP67 ingress rating