Mintaka Duo Electronic Barograph
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Price: $595.00

Designed by Starpath engineers specifically for marine applications, this state of the art electronic barograph is also the perfect solution for any application that requires dependable, accurate barometric pressure, with options for computer output to archive data or make custom displays or analysis.

After five years of research into the role of barometric pressure in productive marine weather routing and forecasting, we have put together what we believe is the best possible solution for marine barometer needs. The unit serves as both a large digital pressure display, visible across the cabin or wheelhouse, as well as a versatile graph of past pressure history.

In the barograph trace mode, you can display the pressure over the past 30 minutes or the past 4 months, and various intervals in between. In addition to all the standard features you would expect, the unit includes multiple options that are unique to this device, including pressure averaging option to compensate for semi-diurnal variation in the tropics, automatic logging of synoptic-time pressures crucial for weather analysis, as well as an automatic computation of the Pressure Tendency Characteristic Code used by the NWS and WMO and displayed on weather maps.

* Protective case shown is a Pelican 1060. Desktop easel shown is from Grand & Benedicts.

Other convenient features include:

• Easy to use menu controls.
• Bright back-lit screen offers easy viewing in low-light conditions.
• High-contrast offers clear viewing without back light.
• Precision clock that records real time of each pressure reading stored.
• Internal clock battery life >10 years so time correlation preserved without external power.
• Added data are saved permanently, even if power is removed.
• Pressure display shown to a precision of 0.1 mb or 0.01 inches of mercury (with multiple other units).
• WMO/NWS Pressure Tendency Characteristic Code computed automatically and stored with each data point.
• Prominent pressure trend arrows provide visual warning of significant changes.
• Barograph traces available in full scale ranges of 30m, 3h, 6h, 24h, 2d,4d, 12d, 30d, 60d, 120d.
• Automatic self scaling of the traces insures best view of each data range.
• Cursor readout allows stepping through each data point for precise time,pressure, and tendency data.
• Read data from the screen or export to PC or MAC Computer.
• Display automatically stored pressure and tendency at the synoptic times (00z plus every 06h UTC).
• User can manually add a pressure to the data log with the press of a button.
• Choose between Station Pressure or Sea-Level Pressure display.
• Set Sea-level pressure from known value of SLP or from known value of instrument elevation.
• Free online service from Starpath offers accurate sea-level reference pressure worldwide.
• All offsets and optional settings are stored permanently until changed by the user.
• A unique pressure average (12h or 24h) can be displayed in the tropics to average out semi-diurnal variation.
• Unit can be powered by any DC source (9V to 30V). A 120V-AC to 12V-DC adapter is included.
• Readily available USB power packs can be used for portable applications.
• An optional configuration is available for reading remote pressures.
• In depth User’s Guide covers principles of applications as well as step-by-step instrument functions.

Technical bonuses::

• Two fully independent sensors monitor the pressure, to offer optimum stability and pressure dependability.
• User accessible readings of pressure and temperature values for each sensor helps monitor long term operations in various environmental conditions.
• Sensors selected to have high long-term stability.
• All data can be easily exported to PC or MAC via USB connector for archiving or other analysis options.
• Instrument options can be controlled by computer if desired.
• Economical and thorough calibration service available for applications that require periodic accuracy certifications.