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While many of us have taken major hits these past two years with all the pandemic has had to offer, OCENS has managed to continue to do more than just support our customers. We continue to innovate and create additional services and upgrades to existing services in order to provide critical services to help keep you in touch and stay safe.



We have added new features to our popular messaging service that allow users to access important weather information quickly and easily. New features include:

  • Position reporting in conjunction with SnapTrack tracking platform

  • Position specific forecasts for land based locations
  • Position specific marine forecasts including wave data
  • NOAA Buoy reports
  • Coastal, offshore, high seas text forecast
  • Position specific aviation forecasts
  • METAR and TAF reports

  • Group messaging
  • Outside entities can now send email to OneMessage users by sending an email to [email protected] with username or group name in the subject line to have message sent to a OneMessage user or group


  • Added support for multiple attachments


  • New Saga Explorer app for the iPad with grib, text forecast, radar and buoy integration
  • Spotcast, WaveCast and FlyCast weather support for more devices such as the Zoleo and BivyStick


  • SnapTrack webpage supports Two-way messaging between OneMessage users
  • Can now receive OneMessage, Zoleo and BivyStick
  • SnapTrack group messaging to Zoleo and BivyStick


Updated firmware with improvements that include: