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FREE for anyone!

OCENS OneMessage enables two-way private and personal messaging through your compatible satellite device.

OneMessage is person to person, not person to machine like other SMS satellite messaging services. This means your texts to a friend using OneMessage reach that friend and that friend only, even when they are using a satellite phone with other users connected to it, not just the first person who happens to link to the device. OneMessage friends chat with one another in a personal manner knowing that their conversations are private and protected. The OneMessage app is required for both users.

How does it work?
OneMessage assists the satellite user by holding chat threads between OneMessage app users until you are ready for them to be transferred through the satellite network. Don’t waste time and money by having to dial and send as you reply to each of your open threads. Instead, OneMessage waits until all your conversations are complete before it auto-dials the satellite device and rapidly sends your outbound messages. It receives any messages waiting for you from each of your friends, that are also on OneMessage, at the same time.

Fast, Faster, Fastest
OneMessage uses only seconds of airtime to send each message. And the more messages you burst or group together the shorter the amount of time to send each message.

Inbound Alerts
OneMessage uses push notifications to alert its users connected through network connections that they have a message from a friend. The number of new messages from each friend are posted to the main screen.

Use OneMessage and Eliminate International messaging fees when sending a message to a satellite phone!
Iridium is treated as a foreign country by all cellular carriers. These carriers can charge US$15 per month or US$0.50 per message and sometimes even apply overage rates in order to text to an Iridium phone. OneMessage users do NOT need to activate international service on their smartphone.

*If you are connecting your satellite phone (Iridium 9555, 9575, IsatPhone or Globalstar) to your computer via a USB or serial cable - You will need a Sidekick Wi-Fi access point. If you already have a Wi-Fi device please contact us to verify if it is compatible. If you have any questions regarding this please don't hesitate to contact us.

Comparing OneMessage to the standard Iridium Messaging for the GO!

Messaging Features OneMessage from OCENS Iridium
Privacy Person to Person

Texting with OneMessage is like any other texting with which you are familiar. You send a text to a friend..that friend and that friend only receives it.
Person to Machine

Without OneMessage, your messages are going to the GO!, not a specific person using the GO!. Whoever happens to link to the GO! first gets your text, whether or not that’s the person to whom you sent it.
Multi-User Access Allows multi-user access to the GO! for messaging. Up to five OneMessage devices can be connected to the GO! at once. Any user can create, send or check for messages at any time. Inbound messages only go to intended user. Messages cannot be created without control of the GO! GO! is inaccessible to other Iridium messaging users during this time and inbound messages, regardless to whom they were sent, all go to the person in control of the GO!
Many Threads in One Send OneMessage sends all your conversation threads in one dial You need to separately dial/send, dial/send, dial/send each message you want out.
Fast Batching multiple threads into one send not only saves you time and hassle, it speeds up the actual relay because of the compression algorithms used in OneMessage. Each dial takes time to connect before the message is even sent. Connect time costs you money. Multiple connects cost you more money.
Flexible Messages available even when the GO! isn’t. OneMessage can send and receive messages without the GO! No messages can be received or sent without the GO! present.
Texting the country of Iridium Does not require international texting service on your smartphone People texting you must activate international texting on their smartphone because they are messaging to the ‘country’ of Iridium. Often $10 to $15 per month.
No International Texting Rates Eliminates high per message fees. OneMessage provides unlimited texting for the GO! for $1.99 per month. Even if international texting service is active, per message fees are still charged by many cellular carriers.
Inbound Alerts Push notifications alert OneMessage users on network connections to new messages Not available