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  • SnapTrack™ "Simply Need A Position"
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Item #: SnapActivation
Price: $10.00
Service Term:
Required: Please enter preferred username
(min 6 characters)
Required: Please enter preferred password
(min 6 characters)
If using Iridium or Inmarsat phones for tracking: Enter your complete phone number (MSISDN)
If using an inReach device: Please enter your device IMEI Number
If using a Spot device: Enter name the name you have assigned to your Spot.
Enter an optional screen name for your account - this is what shows up on the map.

The simplest way to track one or many

SnapTrack is tracking made easy. Log your locations so friends and family are one-click away from following you on your adventures. View on one screen the locations of your entire fleet of assets or all the members of your race or rally. And spend little money and less time in being able to do so.

SnapTrack is OCENS response to the requests of many of our customers for a clean and simple solution to the tracking question. SnapTrack shortens the path from where you are in even the most remote of locations to a screen that captures the ‘where’ of your wanderings.

SnapTrack auto renews monthly for $10. There is no limit to the number of positions you can submit to SnapTrack each month. You can cancel service anytime.

Just three steps take you to SnapTrack tracking:

  • Signup for the service;
  • Send a gps position from your satellite device to;
  • View the SnapTrack map

That’s it! Now pass the link to your SnapTrack map to friends and family so they can view your current position and the route you’ve taken to get there!

SnapTrack is compatible with most satellite devices which can send a GPS position. These include:

  • Iridium GO!,
  • Iridium 9575 handheld phone,
  • Inmarsat IsatPhone2,
  • DeLorme inReach SE and Explorer and
  • SPOT satellite messenger

Positions can be submitted to SnapTrack by most of these devices either manually or in an unattended, scheduled fashion.

SnapTrack even accepts position reports that are sent in via email! So if you have something like an older Iridium or Globalstar phone you can still use the SnapTrack service.

Received positions are archived and posted to the SnapTrack map along with the time of posting and either a device name or friendly screen name you can assign to your device. As multiple points post along a route, SNAP derives the course and speed as well as the actual distance travelled between route markers. A heads-up admin sidebar enables you to expand your tracking period from the default ‘most-recent’ day to any custom period of your choice or quickly change to a different tracked user or group.

Interested in using SnapTrack for your group?
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