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iSavi - IsatHub
iSavi - IsatHub
Small, Lightweight, and High Speed!
Hughes 9211
Hughes 9211
Broadband satellite IP terminal with voice, ISDN, and built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi access point


VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is the ideal platform for high data consumption applications. VSAT solutions are available for both land-based and marine use and can provide both internet access and voice services.

VSAT for land is generally for fixed sites and requires the installation of a permanent or semi-permanent VSAT antenna. OCENS offers commercial grade VSAT equipment and service that is extremely robust and reliable and has very low contention ratios. Access plans are typically a fixed monthly cost for a very high usage threshold and available in a range of upload and download speeds. Service is available worldwide, however, equipment requirements, service speeds, and plan costs vary depending on location, so please contact the OCENS sales staff with specific details about your site and requirements.

OCENS offers VSAT service for marine use via the KVH TracPhone platform. The KVH TracPhone is a high-quality, marine-grade system with an auto-acquiring antenna, so it can be used on a vessel at sea and in motion. A variety of KVH plans are available which are all designed for high usage and have low per MB and voice rates.

See more details on each platform options below and contact our sales staff with any questions.