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Iridium 9575 Extreme
Iridium 9575 Extreme
Iridium's newest and toughest satellite phone. New lower price!
Cost effective hardware solutions and tailored airtime options
Intellian C700 for Iridium Certus 700
Intellian C700 for Iridium Certus 700
Stay connected with the most powerful Iridium Certus terminal available.

Your customers depend upon you to deliver cargo reliably and cost-effectively. OCENS’ Workboat suite of satellite communication and email services takes the same approach…keep your communications working smoothly, simply and as inexpensively as possible. OCENS Mail compresses outbound and inbound mail to the smallest size possible to keep your costs low. Our File Transfer module removes the headache of routine vessel document transfer by automating the sending and receiving of forms. From the satellite communication side we can outfit your operations all the way from low bandwidth Iridium handhelds and docking stations, to Oceana fixed phones, up through broadband devices such as Fleet Broadband or VSAT. OCENS networking and IT personnel can advise and assist with the design and implementation of on-vessel wired and wireless networking.   End-to-end workboat communication solutions from OCENS customized to the way you want satcomm on your workboats to operate and zealously supported by people who value your business.



Whether your satellite systems charge by the minute or the megabyte, OCENSMail reduces your expenses by compressing and accelerating email transfers through your satellite phones. Features tuned to the realities of satellite communications include bigmail transfers, mid-file restarts and batch compression. Robust virus detection and spam filters are standard. Unlimited emails per month with one fixed fee. Works with any satellite system "including MSAT G2!" .

OneTransfer - File Transfer Service

OneTransfer File Transfer automates the receipt and delivery of administrative, operational and logistical files. Just drop logs, payroll reports, port of entry requirements and other documents that you need transferred into a folder and OneTransfer will automatically transfer the contents of the folder to the predefined email address. Completely unattended so your ship’s officers can focus on driving the boat and delivering their cargo.

SnapTrack - Vessel Tracking Service

SnapTrack is tracking made easy. View on one screen the locations of your entire fleet of assets or all the members of your race or rally. And spend little money and less time in being able to do so.


Crew Tools



OCENS OneMessage enables two-way private and personal text messaging through your compatible satellite device.
OneMessage enables two-way private and personal text messaging to and through the Iridium GO! or Globalstar Sat /9600. OneMessage is person-to-person, not person-to-machine like other satellite messaging. This means your texts to a friend dependent on a satellite reach that friend and that friend only, not to the satellite device and then to the rst person who happens to link to it.  


Designed for satellite users depending on a Gmail account to connect with friends, family, and co- workers. OneMail auto-dials through your satellite link and then snaps back to you information on who the email is From, the Subject, and the Size of the messages waiting for you in your Gmail account. Swipe or tap on the bullets of interest to you, then re-connect with OneMail to download just those emails. OneMail uses high-compression algorithms when transferring email and to accommodate attachments both large and small.  


Satellite communication options


Fleet Broadband

If your applications require a mix of high and low bandwidth connectivity without capital costs breaking the bank, the new FleetONE Broadband service can be your most responsive solution. OCENS Fleet packages from Skipper or Sailor are ideal for small to medium-sized workboats where space is particularly limiting but broadband connections a necessity.

Iridium handheld phones and docking systems

Iridium is the only satellite system able to work on any of the world’s oceans and as such provides unparalleled reliability and ease of use. Voice services are clear and consistent from North Pole to South. Docking stations and external antenna kits available from OCENS permit installations with much of the utility of fixed site systems and all of the flexibility possible only with a handheld phone. Aggressive prepaid and postpaid airtime plans are available.

Iridium Certus

Welcome to the NEXT generation of global maritime communications. Engineered to perform in blazing sun, frigid cold, or high winds, Iridium Certus delivers broadband data and high-quality voice in one low-cost platform. With truly pole-to-pole coverage, Iridium Certus keeps ships connected everywhere on the planet.


OCENS sells the V3 VSAT system and service from KVH. VSAT best addresses that portion of the workboat market where Internet access is a must. Although the V3 capital costs are significantly higher and its speeds inferior to the bandwidth available through Fleet Broadband, it delivers broadband access at a much lower cost per megabyte than can Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband.   As a result, extensive Internet access for crew and vessel operations can be affordable if managed properly. Coverage is regional.