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OCENS OneMessage enables two-way private and personal messaging through your compatible satellite device.

OneMessage is person to person, not person to machine like other SMS satellite messaging services. This means your texts to a friend using OneMessage reach that friend and that friend only, even when they are using a satellite phone that is shared with other users, not just the first person who happens to link to the device. With OneMessage, friends chat with one another in a personal manner knowing that their conversations are private and protected. The OneMessage app is required for both users.

Use OneMessage and Eliminate International Texting Fees when sending a message to a satellite phone!

Iridium is treated as a foreign country by all cellular carriers. These carriers can charge US$15 per month or US$0.50 per message and sometimes even apply overage rates in order to text to an Iridium phone. OneMessage users do NOT need to activate international service on their smartphone to send messages.

*Data connection airtime rates apply, registration information included with rental.