• Things to Remember / FAQ

Things to Remember / FAQ

You can setup one of each account types: Gmail, Exchange, or other IMAP based email accounts. If you want to check two Gmail accounts you could register the first using the Gmail option and then the second Gmail using the IMAP option.
Once you setup OneMail and authenticate your account on your device - do not remove the app or your account unless you have full internet access to re-authenticate your account. You will not be able to re-authenticate your account via your satellite phone connection. Be sure to test the connection to your email account while on regular internet connections before leaving, especially if you have not used the service for awhile, as some authentication keys can auto expire requiring you to re-authenticate after a period of time.
Sizes observed in your header list are un-compressed sizes. In general, the download size can be much smaller.
What is OneMail?
OneMail is a unique email service allowing you to efficiently check multiple email addresses through almost any channel, including satellite telephones, on your mobile iOS and Android devices.
Is there a desktop version of OneMail?
There is not. However, OCENS popular OCENSMail service is available to PC/MAC users. More details on this service can be found at OCENSMail
Is OneMail FREE?
While the OneMail app is free, you must have an active OneMail account. You can visit to activate an account.
What email address do I use with OneMail?
OneMail will allow you to check almost any email account, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Exchange and a wide variety of IMAP mail services.
I have two Gmail accounts - how can I check both?
To setup OneMail to access two Gmail accounts you will configure the first account using the GMAIL setting. The second you will configure using the IMAP setting. Details on setting this up can be found here: Running Gmail under the IMAP section
Why do I get an Authentication Failed message when adding my Yahoo Mail account to OneMail?
You may need to set up an app specific password for your account or enable less secure apps. More information can be found here: Setting up Yahoo Email Accounts
My messages appear to be empty.
Be sure you are downloading the full message and not just the header information. When you first connect OneMail will download just the header information for your messages. This allows you to see what is waiting and then select just the email messages that you actually want. Tapping on the message flags it for download on your next connect. Once you connect again the full message will be downloaded and tapping on it again will now open the message.
What kind of connections can I use?
The technology behind OneMail is designed for use with low bandwidth satellite phones that operate on networks such as Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya and others. It does work equally well over standard cellular or Wi-Fi connections.
What satellite devices are compatible with OneMail?
In addition to standard network/Wi-Fi connections - OneMail will work with most devices that are running on the following satellite networks:• Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya, KVH, and others.
How do I setup OneMail to connect via my satellite connection?
With your smartphone connected to your satellite device's Wi-Fi connection - you will then look in the OneMail app Settings -> Connection Settings and then select the appropriate connection.
I get an error message when connecting via Sidekick
When you first connect via a Sidekick connection you may see the following message: "ERROR: unable to connect, please try again." This can happen on your first attempt to connect. At this time just attempt your connection again. If this error continues to pop up without ever making a successful connection, you will want to make sure your device is connected to the Sidekick Wi-Fi and that your satellite device has good signal strength.