SnapTrack User Guide

Control Settings

When you first visit the SnapTrack page it will be empty of any tracks. To view vessel or asset positions and tracks, enter the Snap username in the Name field or the Group name you are following within the View Tracks menu bar and then click the View Map button. If you are a member of a SNAP Group, your Group leader will provide you with the appropriate Group name allowing you to view the positions of all Group members.
Adjust the start and end date for the date range you are wishing to view positions for.
When viewing postions on the map if you hover your cursor over nay position point and click on it you will see details about that position and the movement between that position and the position previous to it. Details include:
UTC time is the default time presented inside of the pin detail popup. To adjust to your local time, select the time offset from the Time Zone scroll on the Control Settings.
The default pace of travel units are miles per hour (mph). You can specify kilometers per hour (kph) or knots from the Control Settings box. Distance measurement units are slaves to this preference so if you change your pace measurement from mph to kph, distance units will automatically change from miles to kilometers.  To apply your preferred units to the on-screen pin details, click the View Map button on the Control Settings once you have made your selections.