SnapTrack User Guide

SNAP Settings

To manage your SNAP accounts advanced settings you will need to login to the page by clicking on the Log In link on the bottom of the View Tracks menu.
To protect your privacy, you are prompted for your SnapTrack username and password (created by you when you purchased SnapTrack at
If the correct username and password are provided, the link options will be expanded to include the Manage SNAP link.
Here you can do things like:
1) change the screen name associated with your account,
2) add vessel information,
3) add your satellite phone number so people viewing your postion on the map can use the messaging feature to send a text message directly to your satellite phone,
By click on the Manage User Groups option you can:
1) remove yourself from existing groups or join groups if you have been provided the Group name and password by the Group leader.
By selecting the Shared Link option you can:
1) add the shared link url from your service (spot, inreach, predictwind, etc.). This will allow SNAP to read your position fixes from that page and show them on the SNAP page.
To return the the tracking page just click on the Tracking link on the menu.