SnapTrack User Guide

SnapTrack Groups and Group Leaders

Should you want to track several users or assets on one SnapTrack map you must create a SnapTrack Group. To do so, contact OCENS by phone or email and specify the name and password that you want associated with your Group. OCENS will link your name and email address with the resulting Group identity as the Group’s Leader.
If you are a SnapTrack Group leader and OCENS has created a Group identity per your request, you can easily add individuals to your group through two pathways:
1)     From the tracking page at, click the Manage SNAP button and then the Manage Groups link it the upper right corner of the subsequent screen;
2)     Go directly to the Group Management screen at
Of course, each of the above approaches mandate that you know the SnapTrack username and password of the individual users you want to add to your group. Alternatively, you can provide the Group name and password to each SnapTrack individual member who wants to join your group and they can join from their personal Manage SNAP page.