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Iridium GO! Apps by OCENS

Unlock the full potential of your Iridium GO! with OCENS' app suite. With a range of options for essential communication needs and specialized features, we offer unbeatable solutions for global connectivity.

How Iridium GO! Works

How Iridium GO! Works


OneMail is the ideal solution for accessing your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange and other email accounts via satellite or low bandwidth connections suck as Iridium GO!, the new Iridium GO! exec™ and others. OneMail accounts can be activated for as little as one month with discounts available for one-year activations.



With OneMessage, you can send and receive text messages from your cell phone, tablet, PC or Mac over any network or satellite phone connection. Send and receive messages with on-shore friends and family, at-sea contacts, fleet managers and more, either through individual text messages or through public and private groups and stay in touch whether you're across the bay or around the globe.

FREE with Iridium GO! data plan.


SAGA Explorer Plus for iPad

OCENS SAGA Explorer Plus melds GRIB weather and ocean data into sensational images carrying unparalleled insights into the environment around you. GRIB data is overlaid on earth imagery for any location in the world. You will also find access to NEXRAD radar, Buoy reports and NOAA text reports.

SAGA Explorer for iPad

SnapTrack™ Tracking Service

SnapTrack is tracking made easy. Log your locations so friends and family are one-click away from following you on your adventures. View on one screen the locations of your entire fleet of assets or all the memebers of your race or rally. Spend minimal time and little investment with SnapTrack.

SnapTrack Tracking Service

SpotCast - Text Weather Service

SMS-capable satellite phones with built-in GPS positioning possess the essential architecture fo request weather content. However, their notoriously slow, low-bandwidth design has been an obstacle to weather delivery. OCENS' SpotCast Extreme worldwide weather breaks that barrier down. SpotCast Extreme is designed specifically for satellite phones and rapidly delivers well-crafted multi-period weather forecasts across several weather variables.



Global coverage and award-winning design. WeatherNet is the largest library of GRIB and classical weather in the world. Includes ocean and fishing data! State-of-the-art compression routines and file transfer procedures deliver data to you fast and affordably. Compatible with PC, Mac and almost every satellite device on the market including the Iridium GO! and the new Iridium GO! exec.


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