You can confirm your browser is using the OCENSWeb compression server if the following logo has some black around the edges:

There are a few things you should know about OCENSWeb before you run off browsing.

OCENSWeb implements a proxy server which compress all the web data that gets transferred. You will notice that many pictures on web pages look very degraded and many videos and ads will not come through.  This is all done so that less data is transferred and pages are therefore displayed faster.

While we do our best to make browsing more economical via this compression service - browsing the web via your satellite phone can still be very slow and use large amounts of data. Be sure to limit your browsing to mobile friendly / low bandwidth sites such as some of these:

Surf responsibly.

OCENSWeb is only one of several services offered by OCENS to enhance your data experience. We offer a wide range of fast and economical wireless services which will speed up your satellite connection and save you money.

More on these services can be found on .

That's it! Thank you for choosing OCENS.