Introducing OneMessage V2

With OneMessage text messaging, you can maintain secure, reliable contact with friends, family or fleet members and managers, and you can save time and per- minute satellite charges by texting multiple people at once through public and private groups.

OCENS OneMessage is:


OneMessage allows you to get the maximum value from your satellite phone connection. Messages to individuals and groups take less than a second to send, and are received by your contacts nearly instantly, no matter how far you travel.


Just like OneMail, that provides a simple, single interface on your cell phone, tablet, PC or Mac for managing email at sea, OneMessage allows you to send text messages right from any supported device using an intuitive and familiar-feeling interface.


Queue your messages using the OneMessage app, and then switch on your sat phone and send in seconds to save costs and minimize bandwidth usage. And, for commercial fleets or charter boats, provide your crew or passengers with the benefit of using their personal devices to remain in contact with friends and family.


Form or join text message groups for public or private conversations among boating and on-shore communities, event participants, peer groups, or family members. For commercial fleets, provide up-to-the-minute analytics and information to your entire fleet to assist captains in making critical on-board decisions.


Since all OneMessage traffic flows to your private OneMessage app, you don't need to worry that other users of your satellite phone will be seeing your texts.


Once you hit send, you can rest assured that your shore-side contacts will receive your text nearly instantly. And you’ll never lose an inbound message; they’re available for download the second you connect your sat phone.


OneMessage is available with any OCENS software purchase. You can also provide the free OneMessage phone app to your passengers, crew, friends and family, and stay in contact across the bay or around the globe.

OneMessage is Perfect For...

Recreational Yachting ۰ Rally & Racing Participants ۰ Fishing & Pleasure Charters Commercial Fleets ۰ Shore-side Fleet Managers ۰ Friends and Family at Home

Stay connected no matter where your travels take you with OCENS Web, Email, and Text Messaging.
Stay Tuned for OneMessage V2 release coming soon. or call 800.746.1462.