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Text Messaging for Your
Satellite Phone

Communicating at-sea and ship-to-shore has never been easier, faster or more reliable. With OneMessage, you can send and receive text messages from your cell phone, tablet, PC or Mac, over any network or satellite phone connection. Send and receive messages with on-shore friends and family, at-sea contacts, fleet managers and more, either through individual text messages or through public and private groups, and stay in touch whether you’re across the bay or around the globe.

OneMessage runs as a stand-alone service app on your iOS or Android mobile device or Windows or Mac. It can also run as a companion app with OCENS WeatherNet and OCENSMail - automatically transferring messages when you connect to do your regular weather or email downloads.

Share the Free OneMessage App

Share the OneMessage app with all your contacts and keep in touch from anywhere, to anywhere, at any time. Download the app for your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Start Text Messaging Immediately

The intuitive OneMessage app is built with the modern app user in mind. OneMessage is easy to download, quick to configure, and instantly feels familiar so you can start communicating right away. You and your contacts will be notified right away of new messages so you can stay in constant contact.

Lower your Satellite Phone Charges

Write your messages while offline, then switch on your satellite phone to send and receive all your queued messages at once. Your at-sea and on-shore contacts will receive your messages nearly instantly, and the OneMessage app will automatically download and display any messages that were sent to you while you were offline.

Use OneMessage On Land and At Sea

Enjoy the convenience of a single messaging solution while on land and at sea. OneMessage sends and receives text messages over any internet connection, including shore-side WiFi or cellular, with apps for your phone, tablet, PC and Mac, so you can skip the hassle of changing communication methods when you arrive in port or when you switch devices.

Keep in Touch with Your Community

Streamline your communications by sending text messages to multiple contacts at once through groups. You can configure private groups of friends, family, or fleet members, or your can connect to public community groups to share and receive important information about the area or local events.

Perfect for Fleet Managers and Rally Organizers

Relay information to your fleet or team through private groups and enable them to make critical on-board decisions, conserve resources, and maximize the efficiency of every voyage. And, you can attract and retain crew members by offering OneMessage text communication as an onboard benefit, so they can stay in touch with family while on the job.

Works via SnapTrack Tracking!

Instantly send and receive messages while viewing tracks via the SnapTrack website:

OneMessage. One Solution.

Install the FREE OneMessage app across all your devices and share it with your friends and family so you can keep in touch no matter where your travels take you.