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Item #: web
Price: $30.00
  • Activation - ($20.00)
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  • Monthly Service (auto renews until canceled) - ($10.00)
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OCENSWeb web compression service is optimized for those needing to access to webpages via limited or expensive bandwidth connections such as satellite phones or cellular modems.

Reduce webpage sizes up to 75%.

This service is automatically included with any OCENSMail email or WeatherNet account free of charge.

Works with:

  • Firefox (Preferred and installed with software),
  • Internet Explorer 11 or newer,
  • Microsoft Edge,
  • Google Chrome

Please note that using satellite data services with your Mac, or PC running Windows 10+, requires that you use a Sidekick Wi-Fi / Firewall device (and is highly recommended for Windows 7 and 8). If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

DownloadOCENSWeb for Windows v1.5
(Approx: 48.5MB)
DownloadOCENSWeb for Mac v1.5
(Approx: 64MB)