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  • Our team was in the deep field, Antarctica for an extended period. The expedition itself called for a lot communication and relay, so it was critical for dependable services / systems. From sat-phones to Iridium-GO(s), OCENS always provided us with timely and effective support. Even with office closer over the Christmas / New Year holiday, I was able to easily reach the team with an urgent request. We are repeat customers and remain thankful for OCENS; one can’t put a price of safety and reliability!

    2041 Foundation
  • We have finally arrived in Australia and the time has come to thank you for your most wonderful service these last ten years. We will reconnect when we plan out next cruise.

    Rob Dehaan
  • Thank you OCENS. You have kept us safe and secure for the past twelve years of exploring the Lesser Antilles and Bahamas. The ability to immediately communicate via sat phone during family crisis meant we did not have to give up our cruising life when parents were aging. Being able to get weather quickly in all conditions, although out of wifi range, kept us sailing along safely as we ourselves aged!

    James and Roni
  • "Please convey my thanks to the OCENS team. I'm right now at this moment 300 miles north of the hurricane Maria I am here due to the GRIB Explorer and Iridium equipment. I was sailing directly into the path of Maria and diverted to a safe path three days ago. This equipment has enabled me to to weave my way through 4 hurricanes this past couple of weeks Irma Jose Maria and lee ahead of me. I left port Arkansas Texas which Harvey hit directly then left key west before Irma hit past harbor island Bahamas as Irma past. Then I sideswiped Jose now ran into Maria. After Maria I will plot a course south avoiding lee. Using this equipment I saved my boat multiple times and had very pleasant seas in the middle of the heaviest hurricane season ever. With iridium and spot I can sail with safety. I've used spot three times for rescues. Survived a pirate boarding last January. OCENS and iridium pave the way for my adventures."

    Michael Cruiser