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OCENS provides satellite equipment, satellite airtime, software and apps, plus support to help you stay connected anywhere.

OneMessage - Text Messaging for Satellite Phones OneMail - Easy Email Access for Satellite Connections WeatherNet - Global Weather and Ocean Data OCENSMail - Affordable Satellite Email Solution Saga Explorer - Global Weather and Ocean Data for iPad

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Unlock the full potential of your Iridium GO!, Iridium GO! exec and satellite connections with OCENS' app suite.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“One of the most responsive companies I have worked with. Highly appreciate the efforts of making your customers happy."

Dennis Kelley

"When we were in a bad low-pressure system three days ago and trying to make decisions based upon weather, the ability to get information via OCENS programs was greatly reassuring."

Bill Huddleston

Aboard Shearwater III

"We have finally arrived in Australia and the time has come to thank you for your most wonderful service these last ten years. We will reconnect in 2020 when we plan out next cruise."

Rob Dehaan

"Thank you OCENS. You have kept us safe and secure for the past twelve years of exploring the Lesser Antilles and Bahamas. The ability to immediately communicate via sat phone during family crisis meant we did not have to give up our cruising life when parents were aging. Being able to get weather quickly in all conditions, although out of wifi range, kept us sailing along safely as we ourselves aged!"

James and Roni

"Thanks for the excellent post support on my satphone(s) especially when I had a hardware issue and you swapped out my phone on the spot after a month of use- you guys really provide "service" in both on site support and timely replies to E-mail."

Steve and Monika