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Unprecedented New Data, New Tools and a Further Streamlining of access to all of your

Weather and Ocean Information.

All directed at providing you the very best tool for weather and ocean analysis, route-finding,

and most importantly safe and efficient travel at-sea.



Why leave the best data and the top-of-the-line analytics only to those in the big ships with the big computers when WeatherNet 5 delivers them to you for pennies! Why limit your choices of weather information to a slim cupboard of this or that proprietary model when WeatherNet 5 gives you access to the best, most experienced scientists and meteorologists the world has to offer? Why work with companies who love to sell but lack the support when OCENS reputation stands behind your entire WeatherNet experience. Wether you are a fisherman, a cruiser, a tug boat captain, an ocean racer or circumnavigator…we invite you to choose the OCENS’ WeatherNet experience.

"All six of us long time fishing people had the very best Bahamas yellow fin tuna trip of our lives. For the first time my entire trip was preplanned using all the latest data for TEMPERATURE, CURRENTS, and ALTIMETRY from OCENS. We hooked up five on our second pass and were locked into yellow fin tuna and enjoying light tackle chaos for the next four hours. The next day was a repeat with four big mahimahi with the biggest over 50 pounds. Thanks Ocens!" African,  Rick Murrell




Designed for use with satellite phone systems.

Compatible with Windows XP-10