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If you have more questions and/or need further assistance please contact us at: 1.206.878.8270

You can also email our support team HERE.

Technical Support Information

We started out as a small company and the main characteristic that really distinguished us from the crowd was our support of subscribers after the sale. Although we’ve grown a bit since then, our commitment to end-user support is unwavering. In fact, this resolve is one of the components of our evolving company which remains unchanged. We recognize we’re never going to be perfect at it (and we expect you to tell us when we aren’t), but we strive to be each and every day.

Email support available Monday - Sunday: Click Here

Telephone support is offered Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST) 1.206.878.8270

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"I have to once again send my thanks to OCENS for their OUTSTANDING technical support. I had some problems last with my sat phone and interfaces. Per usual, the OCENS technical support is unbelievably outstanding. I can't think of any company I deal with that provides customer support like OCENS."
Many thanks,


Test your satellite phone by making a call to your networks free test number:

Iridium Test number : +1-480-752-5105

Inmarsat Test number:  +870 77699 9999