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Local Number Services for Iridium Satellite Phones

Did you know that most switchboards cannot call a satellite phone?

Or that most cellular service providers will not let subscribers call satellite phones without committing to an international calling plan? Then, the providers typically charge between $3.00 and $13.00 per minute for international calls to satellite phones?

If you weren't aware of that, you may be interested to know more about two solutions we have to ensure callers can reach you via your satellite phone, more easily and economically:

Iridium 2 Stage Dialing Service & VOCO.

These two services both provide Iridium postpaid subscribers with a U.S. +1 phone number to call, in addition to their regular 8816 number. They allow either the caller to pay a per minute cost based on a U.S. phone number, rather than an international call rate or the Iridium subscriber to pay a much lower rate to recive the call with no cost to caller. .

Find out more about how they work below:

Iridium 2 Stage Dialing Service

The caller dials the Iridium Gateway number: (1 480 768 2500). The caller then follows the voice prompt instructions to enter the Iridium phone number they wish to reach, and they will be connected to the number (this may take up to a minute for the call to be processed).

Cost per month = None
Cost to Iridum subscriber to receive the call per minute = under $2.00


The VOCO service is similar in concept to 2 Stage Dialing, but does not require any caller intervention and provides a direct phone number to the Iridium phone.

Each VOCO number is directly mapped to the regular Iridium 8816 number for that particular satphone so ther is no requiremnet fo rthe caller to enter any additional phoen number. The process is seamless, with just a slight delay prior to call connection - as is also experienced with 2 Stage.

Cost per month = $10.00 per line
Cost to Iridum subscriber to receive the call per minute = under $2.00

Click here to sign up for VOCO


Using your Phone

Take the following steps to ensure the proper functioning of your Iridium phone:

  • Fully charge the phone's battery.
  • Insert the SIM-card (chip) in the SIM slot under the phone's battery.
  • Go outside with a clear view of the sky. Turn the phone on and ensure that the antenna is extended and pointing straight up toward the sky. Wait for the phone to register on the network - the LED indicator on top of the phone will be flashing green and you will see "IRIDIUM Registered" on the display.
  • To place a call, dial 00, the country code, the area / network code and then the phone number. Press the green button to start the call. A phone number in the U.S. should be dialed in this sequence: 00-1-480-752-5105.
  • To hang up, press the red button.
  • To answer an incoming call, extend the antenna, and press the green button.

When I turn on my Iridium phone, I am prompted to enter a PIN-code. What is it?

It means your SIM-card is protected by a PIN code. The default PIN code is 1111. To protect your phone and account from unauthorized use we suggest you set up (and memorize) a new PIN-code for your SIM-card (consult the phone's user manual).

I mistyped the PIN code and my Iridium phone is now blocked. How do I unblock it?

If the PIN code has been entered incorrectly three times in a row, the phone will automatically block the SIM-card. To unblock it, turn on the phone, enter **05* and press the green button. When prompted, enter the eight-digit PUK1 code and press the green button. You will be offered to set up your new PIN-code.

The PUK1 code is supplied with your SIM-card upon activation via email. If you don't know or can't locate the PUK1 code, please contact OCENS.

Making Calls

Test your Iridium phone and service for FREE.

By dialing 00-1-480-752-5105 from the satellite phone, Iridium subscribers can verify that their phone is working properly and familiarize themselves with the phone's operation - all free of charge. Callers will hear a recorded message confirming that their call was completed and offering quick tips on proper handset usage. This automated service allows subscribers to test their phones whenever and wherever they like.

How should I dial telephone numbers from my Iridium phone?

      All telephone numbers should be dialed in the full international format:

00[country code][area code][phone number] or +[country code][area code][phone number]
Examples: 00-1-480-752-5105 or +1-480-752-5105 (a US number), 00-49-631-3522000 or +49-631-3522000 (a number in Germany).

How should I dial in order to call Iridium phones?

Iridium's full international number is 8816XXXXXXXX.

    • From another Iridium or satellite phone, dial +8816XXXXXXXX or 00-8816XXXXXXXX
    • From US cell phones, dial 011-8816XXXXXXXX or +8816XXXXXXXX.
    • From a US land line, dial 011-8816XXXXXXXX.
    • From a land line in Europe, dial 00-8816XXXXXXXX.

Please be aware that calls to Iridium phones from landlines or cellular phones are very expensive, so please check the rates with your phone company before calling or see information above on 2-stage or VOCO calling options.

Can I use my Iridium phone to make emergency 9-1-1 calls?

Any Iridium subscriber using Iridium voice service WITHIN the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will have access to the emergency 9-1-1 call system.

Outside the United States and its territories, a 9-1-1 call will NOT transfer to the emergency call center. Your call will terminate to a switch message instructing you to hang-up and dial the emergency provider or your service provider directly.

We suggest a list of emergency and important numbers be created before traveling and kept handy at all times.


Text Messaging

I am not able to send / receive text messages (SMS).

    Make sure the SMS Service Center number is set up correctly (see the next question).
      Check the recipient's phone number -- it should be entered in the full international format, e.g. 0014807525105 or +14807525105 (for US numbers).

      When sending a message from the Iridium phone, the phone must be registered in the Iridium network, otherwise sending will fail.

      If you have an Iridium 9555 or Extreme phone and can't receive text messages, make sure message folders (Inbox, Outbox and Sent) contain fewer than 30 messages total. Delete some of the messages to free up the space.

      Some mobile operators restrict sending messages to satellite operators. If you can't receive incoming text messages sent from a cellular phone, check if the sender's carrier has any restrictions on sending SMS to the Iridium satellite network.

How to setup the SMS Service Center Number?
      The SMS service center number must be set up prior to sending the first SMS message.

For 9555 & Extreme Phones:
        In 'Menu' select 'Messages' - 'Settings' - 'Service Center'.

        Enter 00881662900005 or +881662900005

        Press OK.

For 9505A Phones:
        Press the 'Envelope' key.

        Scroll to 'Message Settings'.

        Press OK.

        Scroll to 'Service Center'.

        Press OK.

        Enter 00881662900005 or +881662900005.

        Press OK.

    This must only be done once, after which the Service Center number is stored in the phone.

How to send a FREE text message to an Iridium phone?

      Via the Web:

        One can send a FREE text message to an Iridium phone by visiting the Iridium Send SMS page at
      Via email:

        Create a new email message addressed to
      , enter your message in the body of the email and send your email. Any text placed within the subject line will not transmit.

      Use OCENS OneMessage to send messages to other OneMessage users whether on Iridium or other connections!


How to send an email from my Iridium phone?

Create a new text message.
In the body of the message, enter the destination email address.
After the email address, enter a blank space (|_|).
Enter the message you would like to send.
Continue with sending the message. When asked for the recipient, enter +*2, or 00*2, or *2.
Complete sending the message.

How to setup Iridium Voicemail?

    • STEP 1: Check if the Voicemail service number is correctly set up.

For 9505A Phones:
        Press the Envelope key, 'Call Voicemail, select?' will appear.

        Scroll with arrow keys until 'Message settings, view options?' appears.

        Press [OK], 'Voicemail number, select?' will appear.

        Press [OK], enter the Iridium general voicemail number, +881662990000.

        Press [OK]. Hold on to the [C] key to return to the main screen.

For 9555 Phones:
        In 'Menu' select 'Voicemail' - 'Voicemail Settings' - 'Number'.

        Enter +881662990000 and press 'Save'

    • STEP 2: Set up call forwarding to Voicemail. Make sure the phone is turned ON, is registered in the Iridium network and has good signal strength.

For 9555 & Extreme Phones:
        In 'Menu' scroll down to and select 'Setup'.

        Select 'Call Options' - 'Call Forwarding', wait until the list of options appears.

        Select the desired option: 'All Calls', 'If Busy', 'If No Answer' or 'If Unavailable'.

        Select 'Voicemail' from the list, wait until confirmed.

For 9505A Phones:
        Press the 'Menu' key, scroll with the left/right arrow keys until 'Call Related Features” appears.

        Press 'OK', scroll down until 'Call Forwarding' appears.

        Press 'OK', scroll down until 'Forward When Unavailable' appear

        Press 'OK', 'Please Wait' will appear, wait for a while until 'On' appears.

        Press 'OK', scroll down until 'Voicemail' appears.

        Press 'OK', 'Please Wait' will appear, wait until 'Call Forward On' appears.

        'Forward When Unavailable' then appears, hold on to the 'C' button to return to the main screen.

    • STEP 3: Accessing your personal mailbox (retrieving your voicemail)

        Call Iridium voicemail number +881662990000:

For 9555 phones:
          Select 'Menu' - 'Voicemail' - 'Call Voicemail' (this will automatically call the Iridium voicemail number, +881662990000).

For 9505A phones:
          Press the Envelope key, 'Call Voicemail, select' will appear. Press OK to call the Iridium voicemail number, +881662990000.

        Wait for the voice prompt asking you to “re-enter the Iridium phone number you are trying reach”. Enter your Iridium phone number (8816XXXXXXXX); you will then be forwarded to your personal voicemail greeting.

        Press the '*' key to interrupt the greeting, and enter your password (last 7 digits of your Iridium number, see below) to access your personal mailbox.

        Follow the voice prompts for menu options.

Note: By default, your voicemail password is the last 7 digits of your Iridium phone number. For security reasons, please change it using menu options.

Setting up Voicemail on Iridium GO!

The voicemail feature will enable you to access a message inbox that is stored in the Iridium network.

The default Voicemail number +881662990000 is pre-programmed.

To set-up Voicemail, press the Voicemail icon, and follow the audio instructions:

  • When you have accessed the Iridium Messaging Center, enter your Iridium phone number followed by the star (*) key; then enter your password (default is the last seven (7) digits of your phone number).
  • Follow the audio prompts to set your new password, record your greeting and configure your account settings.
  • End the call by pressing the End button, and follow the same “Call Voicemail” steps to check voicemail notifications in the future.

Once configured, a red dot on the Voicemail icon will indicate if a new message is waiting.


How to check my Iridium prepaid account balance?

  • Option 1 - by dialing 2888
        Dial 2888 from your Iridium satellite phone (FREE call).

      The number of remaining minutes of calls to landlines/mobiles and the number of days to account expiration will be announced (in English).
  • Option 2 - via SMS to 2888
        On your Iridium phone, create a blank SMS (text message) and send it to 2888 (002888 or +2888 will work too). This is a FREE message.

      The number of remaining minutes of calls to landlines/mobiles, the number of days to account expiration and the expiration date will be sent to your Iridium phone as a text message (in English).
  • Option 3 - by placing any call from Iridium phone
      Remaining minutes are always announced before the call is connected.