Iridium GO! Questions and Answers

Iridium GO! Questions and Answers

You have an Iridium GO!... Now what?

Maximize Your Iridium GO! with OCENS: Overcoming Misconceptions

The Iridium GO! is a low-cost device that promises the freedom to use your smartphone no matter where your travels take you. Yet many Iridium GO! users are disappointed with the system’s out-of-the-box performance and capabilities.

Read on to clear up some common misconceptions and learn how OCENS can help you turn your unit into the powerful global information and communication device it’s expected to be.

Smartphone Connectivity

Expectation: I can use my smartphone everywhere!

Reality: You need an app for that.

The Iridium GO! is advertised as a solution for using your smartphone everywhere on the planet. That sounds ideal, yet the out-of-the-box functionality requires a phone app that controls the Iridium unit. With the GO! phone app, your smartphone connects to GO!’s Wi-Fi signal and becomes a handset for making calls.

Iridium GO! Connectivity

Expectation: The Iridium GO! connects everywhere on the planet.

Reality: There are a couple limitations.

The Iridium GO! works everywhere on the planet – and even from the International Space Station. However, there are a couple important things to keep in mind. Your unit needs to be turned on, outside, and have a clear view of the sky with no blocking buildings or trees. If you’re using your device inside a vehicle or building, you can mount an external antenna to help keep your signal strong. Also, your device has no speaker, nor does it have a microphone, so while it may be running and communicating with the satellite network, you’ll need to have your smartphone connected to the GO!’s WiFi signal and the GO! app needs to be running to receive calls.

Onboard Usability

Expectation: The Iridium GO! keeps my whole crew connected to home.

Reality: You’ll need third-party support if you want to avoid high per-minute charges.

While it’s true that you can pair up to 5 smartphones to your unit at once, effectively connecting your crew to the unit, only one device can actively use the device at a time.

Also, the Iridium satellite network is considered an international call by every cell provider. People call your Iridium number are subject to high international rates and complex country-code dialing protocols.

OCENS helps you connect economically and efficiently, delivering on the promise of a connected crew, with a variety of outgoing call plans to suit your needs. We can also provide you with a local phone number for almost any area code so you can avoid high international rates on incoming calls.

Global Wi-Fi

Expectation: The Iridium GO! is a global WiFi hot spot.

Reality: Satellite-ready internet apps are required to handle the limited connection speeds.

The Iridium GO! is a WiFi hotspot, allowing your phone to connect to the Internet wherever you can get a satellite signal. However, the GO! has a maximum data speed of only 2.4kbsp, which means it would take between 2 and 5 hours to fully load a typical news website’s homepage. This connection does not allow you use your smartphones onboard app either -only specialized apps built for the Iridium GO! can access the internet.

OCENS offers free apps, bundled with our service packages, that can help you maximize the browsing potential over your Iridium GO! With web compression and access to specific sites that are optimized for low-bandwidth connections, your OCENS services can keep you connected – though still within reason – to the news and data that matters most while you’re over land or sea.

Email Access

Expectation: I can use the Iridium GO! to access my email through my smartphone.

Reality: Not without the right apps.

Iridium does offer an email app for the GO!, however you’ll have to sign up for a specific email account that you’ll either have to give to friends, family and coworkers, or you’ll have to set up forwarding rules on all your accounts before you leave.

OCENS provides a significantly streamlined alternative that allows you to check nearly any email account on your iOS or Android device. With the OneMail app, you control what emails are downloaded by first only receiving header information and then choosing which messages to download fully. OCENS can also provide you with full email service with an OCENSMail email account that provides best-in-class data compression and satellite optimization for fast data transfer over your Iridium GO!

Text Messaging

Expectation: I can send SMS messages over the Iridium GO! from my smartphone.

Reality: Texting over satellite might get expensive unless you have the right app or plan.

As with talk, email, and internet, sending SMS messages of the Iridium GO! is a lot more economical and efficient with a specialized app or plan that avoids international billing rates and applicable fees. OCENS provides the free OneMessage app that provides secure, private text messaging over your Iridium GO!, minus the international fees. And since OneMessage uses any available WiFi connection, you can use your OneMessage app to send messages no matter where your travels take you.

Weather Information

Expectation: I can get weather information through my Iridium GO!

Reality: You’ll need a way to optimize, download and display your weather data.

One of the primary uses for any satellite device is gaining access to weather information while out cruising, hiking or mountaineering. However, this data doesn’t automatically transfer to your device without an app. OCENS SAGA for iPad app optimizes weather data served over the Iridium network, greatly reducing file sizes for fast download, and then visualizes the information in colorful, graphic display on your device.

Competitive Rate Plans

Expectation: I can choose from a variety of airtime options for my Iridium GO!

Reality: You can choose from a variety of OCENS airtime options that include bundles of free apps.

OCENS offers a variety of monthly airtime plans to fit your needs and budget.

The most basic airtime plan for the Iridium GO! is priced at just under $60 per month and includes your first 5 data minutes each month. Voice and additional data, as well as outgoing text messages, are billed at the end of the month. This can be a great plan for the occasional user who just needs to be ready for an emergency or is expecting very little or sporadic usage.

The most comprehensive, unlimited plan is priced under $150 per month and includes 150 minutes of voice calling and unlimited data and SMS messaging. If you are planning on checking your email and downloading weather reports regularly then this may be the plan for you.

With every OCENS airtime plan, you have access to OneMail, OneMessage, and other apps that can help you get the most of your Iridium GO!. Monthly airtime plans can be canceled any time after the first month.

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