OneMessage - Text Messaging for Satellite Phones
OneMessage - Text Messaging for Your Satellite Phone
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OneMessage - Text Messaging for Satellite Phones

Communicating at-sea and ship-to-shore has never been easier, faster or more reliable. Send and receive messages with on-shore friends and family, at-sea contacts, fleet managers and more, either through individual text messages or through public and private groups, and stay in touch whether you’re across the bay or around the globe. Tailored for satellite equipment such as the Iridium GO! and Iridium GO! exec.

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OneMessage App by OCENS on iPhone

OneMessage. One Solution.

Install the FREE OneMessage app across all your devices and share it with your friends and family so you can keep in touch no matter where your travels take you.

Text Messaging for Your Satellite Phone

Share the Free OneMessage App

Share the OneMessage app with all your contacts and keep in touch from anywhere, to anywhere, at any time. Download the app for your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Start Text Messaging Immediately

The intuitive OneMessage app is built with the modern app user in mind. OneMessage is easy to download, quick to configure, and instantly feels familiar so you can start communicating right away. You and your contacts will be notified right away of new messages so you can stay in constant contact.

Lower your Satellite Phone Charges

Write your messages while offline, then switch on your satellite phone to send and receive all your queued messages at once. Your at-sea and on-shore contacts will receive your messages nearly instantly, and the OneMessage app will automatically download and display any messages that were sent to you while you were offline.

Use OneMessage On Land and At Sea

Enjoy the convenience of a single messaging solution while on land and at sea. OneMessage sends and receives text messages over any internet connection, including shore-side Wi-Fi or cellular, with apps for your phone, tablet, PC and Mac, so you can skip the hassle of changing communication methods when you arrive in port or when you switch devices.

Keep in Touch with Your Community

Streamline your communications by sending text messages to multiple contacts at once through groups. You can configure private groups of friends, family, or fleet members, or your can connect to public community groups to share and receive important information about the area or local events.

Perfect for Fleet Managers and Rally Organizers

Relay information to your fleet or team through private groups and enable them to make critical on-board decisions, conserve resources, and maximize the efficiency of every voyage. And, you can attract and retain crew members by offering OneMessage text communication as an onboard benefit, so they can stay in touch with family while on the job.

Language Support

Localization for French, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese.

Works via Snaptrack Tracking

Instantly send and receive messages while viewing tracks via the SnapTrack website.


Access Text Weather, Wave, Buoy, NOAA weather charts and Aviation Reports

Access Text Weather, Wave, Buoy, NOAA weather charts, and Aviation reports OneMessage supports text weather for land, marine and aviation. You can now use your OneMessage app to easily retrieve text weather reports for any location on on earth. Request NOAA marine forecasts, weather charts and buoy data, as well as aviation information such METAR and TAF reports from airports.

Any OneMessage user with a subscription to one of OCENS text based weather services (SpotCast, WaveCast, or FlyCast) can now request these reports via the OneMessage app. Just send your position or specific request to the corresponding OneMessage service and your text report will be returned in a just a moment.

Comparing OneMessage to the standard Iridium Messaging

Messaging Features OneMessage from OCENS Iridium
Privacy Person to Person

Texting with OneMessage is like any other texting with which you are familiar. You send a text to a friend..that friend and that friend only receives it.
Person to Machine

Without OneMessage, your messages are going to the GO!, not a specific person using the GO!. Whoever happens to link to the GO! first gets your text, whether or not that’s the person to whom you sent it.
Multi-User Access Allows multi-user access to the GO! for messaging. Up to five OneMessage devices can be connected to the GO! at once. Any user can create, send or check for messages at any time. Inbound messages only go to intended user. Messages cannot be created without control of the GO! GO! is inaccessible to other Iridium messaging users during this time and inbound messages, regardless to whom they were sent, all go to the person in control of the GO!
Many Threads in One Send OneMessage sends all your conversation threads in one dial You need to separately dial/send for each message you send out.
Fast Batching multiple threads into one send not only saves you time and hassle, it speeds up the actual relay because of the compression algorithms used in OneMessage. Each dial takes time to connect before the message is even sent. Connect time costs you money.
Flexible Messages available even when the GO! isn’t. OneMessage can send and receive messages over cellular connections as well. No messages can be received or sent without the GO! present.
Texting the country of Iridium Does not require international texting service on your smartphone People texting you must activate international texting on their smartphone because they are messaging to the ‘country’ of Iridium. Often $10 to $15 per month.
No International Texting Rates Eliminates high per message fees. OneMessage provides unlimited texting to the GO! for FREE. Even if international texting service is active, per message fees are still charged by many cellular carriers.
Inbound Alerts Push notifications alert OneMessage users on network connections to new messages Not available
Access to text weather data! Easily retreive SpotCast, WaveCast, FlyCast weather reports. Not available


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Download OneMessage on the AppStore

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Download and launch the app, then tap the "Create Account" button.

To message other OneMessage users you will need to know their Screen Name. Then open the OneMessage app -> tap the Message button -> then tap the + button in the lower right -> Enter the persons Screen Name in the field at the top of the screen then type you message in the message field. When you are done tap the send icon to queue your message for sending. When you are ready to send your messages tap the Connect button from the OneMessage home screen or icon in the lower of your screen to open the Connect screen. Verify the Connection Method is correct and then tap the Connect button. If you are using your cellular data or other Wi-Fi network then you will use the Network connection setting.

First make sure your device is connected your satellite equipments (Iridium GO!, Iridium GO! exec, Sidekick, etc.) Wi-Fi. Open the OneMessage app and tap the Settings button or icon in the lower right of your screen -> then tap Connection Settings -> Under Device Settings Select the satellite device you are using and tap OK. Then tap Save.

You can test your connection now by tapping the Connect button from the apps home screen or the icon in the lower of your screen to open the Connect screen. verify the Connection Method is correct and then tap the Connect button.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Love OneMail - was absolutely a crucial piece of my ability to stay connected to home while in Antarctica on my multiple expeditions this past December and January. It will be equally great to have while attempting Everest and Lhotse in Nepal during April and May of this year as well…hoping to send an email from high camp to my family and friends."


"Just to let you guys know, One Mail works great. I don't think there is anything else out there that works gmail through a sat phone. Well done."


"As an ocean rower with limited bandwidth in satellite communications (the Iridium GO), it was important for me to have reliable email communication with my shore team and others and the option to conveniently send images for my blog updates. OneMail’s ability to reliably check my existing email accounts and allow me to choose what to download gave me terrific email control."

Erden Eruc