Starlink Network Integration and Build-Out

Starlink Network Integration and Build-Out

Navigating the Waters of Connectivity: Support and Expertise for Seamless Onboard Starlink Integration

Seamless Onboard Starlink Integration Through OCENS

Starlink presents a novel broadband communication pathway for owners of medium to large size vessels. While Starlink’s low capital costs and trimmed down airtime rates are attractive to many boaters, the company has taken an extraordinary hands-off approach to installation guidance and after-sale support. It’s a buyer-beware philosophy where the company is happy to sell its equipment and airtime while wishing good fortune but no assistance to its new customers in installing it, establishing it within their onboard networking and entertainment systems, and, perhaps most importantly, integrating it with backup communication systems that keep you connected during Starlink availability and coverage gaps.

OCENS’ customers over the past nearly 30 years can attest to a far different corporate philosophy. We believe your satellite equipment or airtime purchase is only the beginning of our relationship. OCENS takes great pride in the walk we take with our customers to find the appropriate solution for them and then the after-sale support that is inevitable before you are comfortable with it. This continues in the Starlink era. Although we are not selling you your Starlink, we can help with everything else. Our goal? Establish your new Starlink as the centerpiece of a professionally-designed, cost-effective and reliable broadband connectivity solution you can use for years.

Seamless Onboard Starlink Integration Through OCENS

Starlink Integration Options

Start your Starlink journey, your way: Navigate with OCENS and embrace unparalleled connectivity, powered by Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard.

Starlink Integration Options

Core: Starlink Network Integration

Your interest is to understand your Starlink options and integrate a stand-alone Starlink with a basic networking package.


  • Collect and Refine Customer Requirements
  • Educate on Starlink Hardware and Plans Options
  • Educate on Starlink Procurement options
  • Establish remote management to existing or new Peplink router
  • Configure Router for Starlink and 5G failover
  • Configure Router for VPN/Bonding
  • Test/Troubleshoot as needed
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Onboard: Narwhal Sx With Starlink Data Saver

Your interest is an elevated onboard internet experience optimizing Starlink bandwidth usage and providing you, your family or your business a robust onboard networking solution. Sail and Power yacht packages available.


  • Below-Decks Wi-Fi, 5G Cellular with Multiple SIM Card slots
  • Shore Wi-Fi, VPN, 5G+Starlink Bonding
  • Guest Network
  • NMEA-to-Wi-Fi
  • Vessel Tracking
  • Plus, support for one (1) Starlink
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Onboard: Narwhal DX With Starlink Data Saver

You have strident bandwidth requirements now or in the foreseeable future, a rigorous onboard networking environment and the need to guarantee connectivity when the Starlink(s) are offline. Sail and Power yacht packages available.


  • Below-Decks Wi-Fi, DUAL-Active 5G Cellular with Multiple SIM Card slots
  • Shore Wi-Fi, Home Relay, VPN, Dual-5G+Dual-Starlink Bonding
  • Guest Network
  • NMEA-to-Wi-Fi
  • Vessel Tracking
  • Plus, support for up to two (2) Starlink or other satellite connections and an additional backup satellite
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What is Narwhal?

Narwhal is the most powerful, user-friendly, turnkey solution for voice and data communications, tailored to sail and power boats of all sizes.

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Streamlined Collaboration: Navigating the OCENS Process

Streamlined Collaboration: Navigating the OCENS Process

Embark on a collaborative journey. From scoping calls to tailored solutions, OCENS and Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard ensure seamless connectivity integration.

  1. Begin with a Scoping Call: Regardless of your chosen pathway (Core, Narwhal SX, or Narwhal DX), our collaboration commences with thorough information gathering about your communication goals and installation environment.
  2. Comprehensive Discussions: Our scoping calls often extend to encompass onboard entertainment systems, streaming service requirements, and VPN connections for a home-like experience (Narwhal Home Relay).
  3. Crafting the Implementation Plan: Leveraging insights from the scoping call, we create a draft implementation program, including Narwhal design suggestions and suitable VSAT and/or L-band satellite options. This package is tailored to your vessel's reality and communication objectives, complete with pricing estimates.
  4. Iterative Refinement: Expect a productive exchange to refine specific components in alignment with your needs, leading to a finalized plan that meets your satisfaction.
  5. Final Steps: Once the path forward aligns with your vision, we compile a pro forma invoice, encompassing the chosen approach and its associated components, ensuring seamless execution.


Is there a maintenance agreement?

With any technical system, questions always arise and firmware always upgrades. Your Core or Narwhal system purchase includes six months of remote support as you get used to your new system. Thereafter, our maintenance and support program provides firmware upgrades and addresses technical questions related to your Narwhal integration (sorry, only Starlink can address Starlink equipment or antenna failures).

Support contract prices are presented below:

  • Core: $40 per month, $450 per year
  • Narwhal SX or DX: $150 per month, $1600 per year