Broadband Satellite for Emergency Managers

A Matrix of Considerations, Capabilities and Choices

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As an emergency manager overseeing your city, county, state, or company, you're evaluating midband satellite options to ensure dependable support for emergency response, with key factors including mobility, response coordination, data usage, voice functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

Rent an Iridium GO! exec

Iridium GO! exec®: Ultimate Mobility and Power Efficiency in Satellite Internet Hotspots

With its built-in antenna and compact design, the footprint of the Iridium GO! exec makes it the smallest satellite internet hotspot in the world. It fits neatly into most any backpack, business portfolio or rugged Pelican case.

Worried about power draw during a natural disaster response? The simple power demands of the Iridium GO! exec (around 15 watts on transmit/receive and 5 watts standby) allow for 6 hours of talk time and up to 20 hours of standby on a single charge of the built-in battery. Power specs also make it possible to run from even just a 2 amp USB outlet or recharge from most solar chargers in a few hours time!

All in all, a unique device that can be deployed easily, setup and running quickly and continuing to operate delivering internet access and voice for days at a time.

Robust Data Solutions for Megabyte-Intensive Emergency Response

If you expect to be moving a lot of data traffic and need to do so reliably and robustly, it is hard to argue against the MissionLink 200 or even its faster sibling the MissionLink 700 (ML700) operating at 700 kbps. Operating on the rock-solid Iridium Certus network you can check email quickly, efficiently grab important weather data, transfer big or small reports and load one or multiple websites. From their design through their megabyte-focused airtime plans the ML200 or ML700 are geared to help you satisfy the many data-driven tasks you will face as a part of your emergency response.

Iridium GO! exec with antenna up and app homescreens

The Cost-Effective Satellite Internet Solution

he Iridium GO! exec is not only the smallest satellite internet hotspot in the world it is also the least expensive. It competes with the Inmarsat BGAN line of devices, but BGANs are generally two if not three times more expensive to purchase. Most BGANs, though faster, also lack many of the data firewalling inherent in the Iridium GO! exec that can avoid unintended and expensive data consumption. Lower capital costs and the tools to use the device efficiently delivers a device that is friendly to capital and operating cost budgets.

Efficient Data Management Solutions: MissionLink 200 vs. Iridium GO! exec

Selecting the right data solution depends on the unique demands of your deployment, with two compelling options to consider.


With nearly 200 kbps, the MissionLink 200 (ML200) is able to efficiently move data and launch and use websites. The MissionLink also offers a unique gateway that can link your land mobile radios to satellite connectivity and can integrate terrestrial cellular. It also provides two RJ-14 POTS jacks to support two separate voice phones.

MissionLink 200

Mobile Command-Center

With roughly 100 kbps speed, the Iridium GO! exec efficiently loads FEMA websites and OCENS OneMessage Teams portals. It's fast enough to provide a solid connection for critical data, reports, responder tracking, and text communication. It supports direct voice calls and two extra phone lines, enabling seamless voice and data management during an emergency response in any terrain, regardless of weather conditions (IP65 rated, compared to ML200's IP31).

Iridium GO! exec

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