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FlyCast - Aviation Weather Service (Annual Service)

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World-Wide Aviation Weather, METAR and TAF Reports

No longer must pilots face critical flight decisions in a landscape empty of weather information. OCENS FlyCast Aviation answers the call for a better way to acquire the METARs and TAFs vital to your flight planning. It also can provide flight-specific aviation weather forecasts out 12 hours for any location on earth.

OCENS FlyCast World-Wide Aviation Weather works directly through your Iridium GO!, Iridium 9575, inReach, or IsatPhone Pro and 2. Just type in your desired ICAO airport code and send. METAR and TAF reports are returned directly to your satellite device or its linked smartphone in just a few minutes. Or use the GPS feature of your satellite device to submit location information and receive flight-specific aviation weather forecasts covering any lat/lon.

No longer must pilots face critical flight decisions in a landscape empty of weather information. The global footprint of OCENS FlyCast aviation weather and your inReach, Iridium 9575, Iridium GO!, Isatphone, or ZOLEO device leaves no corner of the earth uncovered. Easy connectivity and inherent positioning provide the essential architecture for requesting METARs, TAFs and flight-specific forecasts. OCENS FlyCast service uses your devices messaging and bandwidth capacity sufficient to receive these important weather observations and reports.

Each message is up to 160 characters long.

Also works with OCENS OneMessage app!

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Flycast and OneMessage Aviation METARs and TAFs from OCENS

Aviation METARs and TAFs from OCENS

OCENS FlyCast offers global access to aviation METAR observational and TAF forecast data. METAR and/or TAF reports are accessed by sending the four digit International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) airport code(s) of interest via an SMS message to the OCENS weather servers.

If METAR data is requested for one or more airports, only METAR data for those airports is reported. If TAF data is requested for one or more airports, both TAF and METAR data are returned. Coded METAR and/or TAF reports for the subject airport(s) are returned directly to the user within a few minutes of the requests being made. Samples are presented below.

Each message is up to 160 characters in length. If a given TAF or METAR report is longer than 160 characters, the report is split into multiple messages by OCENS and passed to the user. Each message or message segment begins with the phrase TAF or METAR to identify the report type, the pertinent 4-digit airport code, and the date/time stamp for that report. METAR and TAF data are updated at OCENS servers on an hourly basis.

FlyCast on Your Satellite Device

Get FlyCast reports directly to your satellite device or use the OCENS OneMessage app.

FlyCast aviation weather data displayed in OneMessge app

Flight-Specific Weather

While METARs and TAFs provide weather information critical to your flight planning, they don’t provide aviation weather conditions away from ICAO airports. They don’t provide insights into what conditions might be at a remote airstrip. Or a landing zone from which hikers, campers, climbers or boaters must be rescued. Or in-route weather conditions that may be changing rapidly.

OCENS flight-specific Flycast forecast fill in the gaps which METAR and TAF reports can’t address. FlyCast’s report 3, 6 and 12 hour forecasts of weather information for any location on earth. Just use the GPS positioning feature of your satellite device and submit that position via your phone’s text messaging service (outbound texts are free on most satellite phones). Within minutes, OCENS FlyCast service returns directly to the face of your satellite phone or its linked smartphone the impending weather for that location. Forecast data returned includes 3, 6 and 12 hour forecasts of:

  • Air temperature 2 m above the ground
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Visibility
  • Low cloud coverage percentage.
  • Medium cloud coverage percentage.
  • Convective cloud coverage percentage.
  • Altimeter pressure

Each message is up to 160 characters long.

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“One of the most responsive companies I have worked with. Highly appreciate the efforts of making your customers happy."

Dennis Kelley

"When we were in a bad low-pressure system three days ago and trying to make decisions based upon weather, the ability to get information via OCENS programs was greatly reassuring."

Bill Huddleston

Aboard Shearwater III

"We have finally arrived in Australia and the time has come to thank you for your most wonderful service these last ten years. We will reconnect in 2020 when we plan out next cruise."

Rob Dehaan

"Thanks for the excellent post support on my satphone(s) especially when I had a hardware issue and you swapped out my phone on the spot after a month of use- you guys really provide "service" in both on site support and timely replies to E-mail."

Steve and Monika

"...we traveled with 5 other boats this summer, and one other vessel uses OCENS (boat name of Akeeva). We raved about the OCENS service to our other travelers and I expect they will be calling you for help next season."

Phil Chernin