WeatherNet - Global Weather and Ocean Data
WeatherNet - Global Weather and Ocean Data
WeatherNet - Global Weather and Ocean Data
WeatherNet - Global Weather and Ocean Data
WeatherNet - Global Weather and Ocean Data

WeatherNet - Global Weather and Ocean Data

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Your Gateway to Comprehensive Weather and Ocean Data

WeatherNet is a weather and ocean data service that offers global coverage and the largest library of GRIB and classical weather data, including ocean and fishing data. It provides fast and affordable delivery to PC, Mac, and almost every satellite device on the market. WeatherNet's patented data transfer engine is the industry leader in content delivery across all satellite and wireless platforms.

Its new Portal mode allows personalized access to the vast content library, and its key features include a satellite phone connection wizard, incremental updating procedures, and text products with a point-and-click approach or location-based search. The content library includes:

  • Co-located GRIB weather and ocean data
  • Text information, SpotCast point forecast
  • Classic weather charts
  • Satellite Wind/Wave
  • Chris Parker forecast
  • Buoy, radar, tides and more

OCENS continually updates the WeatherNet library with new data sources, including the latest GRIB sources and classical data.

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How WeatherNet Works

WeatherNet's Content Wizard allows you to choose GRIB or classic weather charts, text files or buoy products, fishing data or ice forecasts, satellite pictures or tide information, and more. It merges your interests with your location to create a personalized list of weather, ocean and fishing products that satisfy your specific needs.

The patented File Transfer engine and WeatherNet Satellite Dialer quickly deliver requested data to your device, while customized compression of each product saves you airtime expenses. Products are easily retrievable for later analysis, and the Popular Products button on the Portal mode map shows the most requested products in your area. In addition, WeatherNet offers classical Library and Basic modes for legacy customers.

With WeatherNet, you have access to the fastest, most affordable, and largest library of GRIB and classical weather data, including ocean and fishing data, all in one package.

Companion Software

OCENS provides software to view and interpret weather data, including the GRIB Explorer. You can import standard GRIB, image, and text files into existing navigation software. WeatherNet is compatible with most navigation software systems that use standard GRIB files, and some have it built in as the download engine.

Advanced 3D GRIB Viewing for Seamless Weather Insights

GRIB Explorer

GRIB Explorer is a powerful GRIB viewing software that offers 3D views of weather and ocean data. The software includes a new plot options panel that allows for greater control over data display, with contour line intervals, ranges, and other adjustments made in real-time. With these tools, users ranging from day sailors to coastal cruisers and fishermen can easily access and interpret GRIB data for informed decision-making on the water.

GRIB Explorer
WeatherNet Optimal Routing and Departure Planning

Optimal Routing and Departure Planning

WeatherNet has integrated state-of-the-art Optimal Routing and Departure Planning tools in collaboration with partner FastSeas, making it accessible to any remote user running through satellite connections, fast or slow, cellular or Wi-Fi/Ethernet. With WeatherNet's Polar's window, users can quickly build a reliable set of vessel polars by providing just their vessel waterline length and closest point of sail. This information is used to generate a vessel polar from which Optimal Routes are crafted. For those with polars from other sources, they can be imported into WeatherNet's routing path. These tools are a crucial step in providing broad access to optimal routing insights, improving at-sea decision-making.


Fishing and Ocean Data

WeatherNet includes sub-surface sea temperatures and our Thermocline product. Sub-surface temperatures at 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 and 1000 meters are now available for any block of the ocean anywhere in the world. We then combine those 12 layers into a single file and make it available as a new, highly compressed Thermocline product. Box any area of any ocean in WeatherNet and download specific sub-surface temperature layers of interest to you or the whole set within the Thermocline product.

WeatherNet Fishing and Ocean Data

WeatherNet Support

User Guides

User Guide

Download WeatherNet

WeatherNet for Windows 5.13a (Approx: 120MB)

WeatherNet for Mac* 5.13 (Approx: 203MB)

*Mac users with retina screens need to install software such as QuickRes or EasyRes to set a fixed screen resolution for mapping features in WeatherNet to work correctly. Includes optional GRIB Explorer application.

How to Video - Basic Mode

How to Video - Batch (Library) Mode


OCENS Thermocline and FishMap Tools

NDFD Wind and Wave GRIBs


WeatherNet sers simply activate their account and then pay for the weather they download. Each weather product is priced independently; data costs and estimated air time are computed prior to the download. The amazing thing is that WeatherNet is so efficient that you will pay less using this for pay service than you would downloading this data for free over the internet using conventional methods!

Cross sample of some of the data available including sample pricing.

  • Satellite Imagery: 30¢
  • Animation: $1
  • Buoy/Buoy Current: 10¢
  • Ice: 35¢
  • Radar: 10¢
  • Ocean Charts: 30¢
  • Text: 20¢
  • Tides: 10¢
  • Weather Charts: 30¢ (exceptions for 'hard-to-find' charts such as Chile Surface Forecasts are 60¢)
  • GRIB Met and WW3: 1 day: 30¢, 2 day: 35¢, 3 day: 40¢, 4 day: 45¢, 5 day: 50¢, 6 day: 60¢, and 7 day: 70¢
  • Ocean data includes ocean currents, sea surface temperature, sea surface height, sea surface salinity, mixed layer depth, sub-surface temps, and chlorophyll: $5.00 to $9.00 depending on # of days.
  • Thermocline: $10

Yes. You may want to import your WeatherNet routes into your navigation program. This is made straight forward by offering both CSV (smaller file size) and GPX (larger file size) formats. Point your navigation program to the WeatherNet Routing folder on your computer to visualize each and every new route delivered to you in WeatherNet.

Customer Reviews

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"All six of us long time fishing people had the very best Bahamas yellow fin tuna trip of our lives. For the first time my entire trip was preplanned using all the latest data for TEMPERATURE, CURRENTS, and ALTIMETRY from OCENS. We hooked up five on our second pass and were locked into yellow fin tuna and enjoying light tackle chaos for the next four hours. The next day was a repeat with four big mahimahi with the biggest over 50 pounds. Thanks Ocens!"

Rick Murrell

"I personally will never again go offshore without access to WeatherNet. I will continue to use a shore based router to gain access to the larger picture and to confirm our decisions based on the WeatherNet file down loads made aboard. Great product, and, seamless reliable software."

AJ Fougere


"I use WeatherNet in all my deliveries, it's the only game in town. You can go ahead and put that in your commercial!"

Jack Harvey

"I used WeatherNet and the GRIB Explorer in the Regata de Amigos race last month and finished first in class. The winds were extremely light for a few days and everyone in our fleet had to motor some thereby being classified as motor sailing with penalty time for the motoring."

Jeff Hart

"We are using their (OCENS) outstanding WeatherNet service (both for Mac and Windows) and OCENS Mail e-mail services as well as satellite phone service. Their download times and cost effectiveness is second to none and we have never had a single failure or delay in getting our data."

Charles J Stutz

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