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OCENSMail - Affordable Satellite Email Solution

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OCENS' affordable satellite phone email service allows you to cost effectively send and receive email over your satellite phone - Iridium phones, Iridium GO! and Iridium GO! exec, Inmarsat IsatPhone 2, FleetBroadband / BGAN / IsatHub, FleetONE, VSAT or Starlink system.

  • Designed for satellite communications Including devices from: Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya, KVH, Intellion, VSAT, and Starlink
  • Works great over cellular or limited internet connections as well as standard network connections
  • Huge savings on airtime expenses due to advanced data compression and network optimization
  • Easy setup
  • Works with many clients: Thunderbird (included), Outlook, MacMail, others...
  • No limits on content or file size
    • Full support for attachments and HTML coding
    • Includes management tools to control incoming mail sizes
  • Web Mail Access - OCENSMail also gives you the ability to access your account from a local cafe via the web.
  • This also gives you the power to tap into some advanced settings like:
    • Full user controlled Spam Filtering
    • User controlled White and Black listing options
  • Full technical support
  • Free Weather data and GRIB reader included
  • Accessing your existing email account - While OCENSMail provides you with an user@ocens.com email address you can still gain access to emails from your existing account in one of two ways:
    • Setup auto forwarding of your existing email to your ocens.com address
    • Signup for the optional OCENS OneMail app on your smart phone to access your email directly

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Seamless Access Anywhere

Check Your Primary Email Account with an OCENSMail Account

Experience seamless email management with OCENSMail. Easily forward your primary email to your OCENSMail address for efficient communication anywhere. Benefit from advanced features like automatic file compression and email client integration for professional correspondence without the hassle of updating contacts. Stay connected and productive with OCENSMail.

OCENSMail screen on laptop
Email Anywhere

OCENSMail Works With Your Satellite Phone

Add a Sidekick hotspot to your satellite phone and send and receive emails with OCENSMail from your computer.


It is easy to read and reply to your regular / primary email with your OCENSMail account. Just set your primary email account to auto-forward a copy of any new incoming messages to your ocens.com address. Messages will then be automatically forwarded to your OCENS account. You will benefit from the automatic file compression and large file size filter protections that are built into the service.

Then when using the built-in default email client you can set the "Reply-to" email address as your primary email address. This will be the address that emails are send back to when the recipient clicks the Reply button after reading the message you sent them. This allows you to conduct business as usual as if you are home or at work rather than having to inform everyone of a new email address and that you are relying on a satellite connection.

Customer Reviews

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John Storck Jr

Good low cost solution for basic e mail without large attachments

What Our Customers Are Saying

“One of the most responsive companies I have worked with. Highly appreciate the efforts of making your customers happy."

Dennis Kelley

"When we were in a bad low-pressure system three days ago and trying to make decisions based upon weather, the ability to get information via OCENS programs was greatly reassuring."

Bill Huddleston

Aboard Shearwater III

"We have finally arrived in Australia and the time has come to thank you for your most wonderful service these last ten years. We will reconnect in 2020 when we plan out next cruise."

Rob Dehaan

"Thanks for the excellent post support on my satphone(s) especially when I had a hardware issue and you swapped out my phone on the spot after a month of use- you guys really provide "service" in both on site support and timely replies to E-mail."

Steve and Monika