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Item #: SpotCast Activation
Price: $20.00
Measurement Preference:  
Service Term:
Required: Enter your complete Iridium or Inmarsat phone number(MSISDN) or inReach SE/Explorer IMEI number.
If registering service for an inReach, enter the NAME which is IDENTICAL to that associated with your Delorme account (to confirm this name, send a text from your inReach device to your personal email address).
"Absolutely love your service."
Michael C. Bull

SpotCast World-Wide Weather from OCENS

Now includes support for Away positions!

SMS-capable satellite phones with built-in GPS positioning possess the essential architecture to request weather content. However, their notoriously slow, low-bandwidth design has been an obstacle to weather delivery.  OCENS’ SpotCast world-wide weather breaks that barrier down. SpotCast is designed specifically for satellite phones and rapidly delivers well-crafted multi-period weather forecasts across several weather variables.

SpotCast leaves no corner of the earth uncovered. No matter where you find yourself on land or sea SpotCast will work through your SMS-capable satellite phone to provide weather information to you. No longer does a remote user need to face critical decisions affecting their enjoyment, job, safety or perhaps even life in a landscape empty of reliable weather information.

SpotCast--Weather forecasts, at your fingertips, anywhere on earth, in just minutes.

Each weather report delivered by OCENS consists of a short text message containing four (4) forecasts over a 24-hour period for where you are as well as where you are headed. Each forecast contains a time stamp (converted to your local time zone) and forecasts of six weather factors. Weather includes:

� SpotCast Weather on Iridium 9575
  • total inches (or mm) of precipitation during each 6 hour period,
  • surface pressure in mb,
  • % cloud cover,*
  • air temperature (F or C),
  • wind direction (true) and
  • wind speed in knots.

You can specify whether to report units of precipitation and temperature in US (default) or Metric measurements when you activate the service.

Reports are saved and viewed on your device as SMS messages.

OCENS allows you to choose between 24 hour, 48 hour, and 72 hour forecasts of the weather at any location.

  • 24 hour: A 24 hour forecast including a forecast for every 6 hours will be returned to you in a few minutes.
  • 48 hour: Two text messages are sent. The first message is for the first 24 hours at your location and a second for the following 24 hour period (hours 30 through 48).
  • 72 hour: Three text messages are sent including the two associated with the 48 hour plus a message covering hours 54 through 72.

Note that purchasing the 48 hour service allows you to request a 24 hour forecast or the 48 hour described above. Likewise, purchasing the 72 hour allows you to request a 24, 48 or 72 hour forecast at your discretion.

* This factor not available on IsatPhone

Compatible Satellite Devices

  • Iridium Extreme 9575
  • Iridium GO!
  • Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro
  • Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro 2
  • inReach SE / Extreme

If you have been assigned a voucher code and need to activate your SpotCast service CLICK HERE.


Download instructions on configuring SpotCast service and requesting reports for your location as well as Away locations


    24 hour forecast: Unlimited number of forecasts per period.
  • $60 per year (Y24)
  • $6 per mth (M24)

    48 hour forecast: Unlimited number of forecasts per period.
  • $70 per year (Y48)
  • $7 per mth (M48)

    72 hour forecast: Unlimited number of forecasts per period.
  • $80 per year (Y72)
  • $8 per mth (M72)

There is a $20 activation fee per device.