ASE-MC05: Comcenter Outdoor
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Item #: ASE-MC05
Price: $4,860.00

We may have been the first group to solve the problem of using Satellite phones indoors with our Docking Stations. These solutions were greeted with delight in that the extension of the Iridium network now could be brought not only indoors, but into the corporate structure with direct phone lines or the office PBX. The challenge wasn’t easy, but we were up to it and our products have only been improving and growing with the Iridium offerings.

The fundamentals seem fixed with the use of an antenna and connection with standard coax. For cable runs 20 meters or less, this is usually handled economically with passive antennas. Beyond this, we then worked hard to bring you powered (active) antennas (See ASE-AA511) that took us to 70 meters and beyond. The jump to powered antennas works well, but it is an increase in expense.

We then turned our thoughts to solving the ultimate challenge. Why not create an Iridium Satellite phone that could be mounted adjacent to the antenna and therefore eliminate the cabling distance altogether? A radical shift in thinking produced an original product. The ASE Comcenter Outdoor.

This solution quickly found its way atop skyscrapers, very tall buildings, or areas where large coax cable run is a challenge with its size and bend radius constraints. This includes large sports arenas and other buildings in need of an emergency phone system. But there is more. Weatherproofing that passes the rigorous IEC 60645 Maritime Standard. Also, the cabling meets flammability tests (IEC60332 and UL1541) for installation onboard ships—therefore complying with office facilities.

We further improved the Comcenter Outdoor by adding robust turret connectors that are quick to use and make electrical contact that won’t experience the potential aging problems that simple coax connectors might find.

And for the field installer, we have the perfect mount. Rugged and simple—an “L” bracket with V-Bolts that can be rotated 90 Degrees to find mounting on rails (horizontal mount) or vertical pipe, finding its way on convenient structures nearby. The elliptical shell design has no flat surfaces–aerodynamically–worthy of a hurricane.