DriveDOCK Extreme Corded Push-To-Talk (PTT) Bundle
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  • DriveDOCK Extreme Corded Push-To-Talk (PTT) Bundle
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Item #: BEAM-9575-DriveDock PTT Corded
Price: $1,055.00

DriveDOCK Extreme Corded Push-To-Talk (PTT) Bundle (EXTRMDD-PTT-C1)

The DriveDOCK Extreme Corded PTT Bundle is a cost effective PTT solution and supports all features of the Iridium Extreme® PTT service. It also supports handsfree speakerphone attached to the dock, extending the power of the Extreme® PTT Device to the palm of your hand, in a fixed location or in a vehicle.

BEAM's Corded PTT Bundle solution provides a clear and high quality audio that surpasses the output of the Extreme® Handset via the loudspeaker in the corded handset. It is the perfect partner for your Iridium Extreme® PTT device. This Beam solution provides clear and improved PTT audio quality

Key Benefits and Features

  • Rugged mic/speaker handset
  • Improved audio quality
  • Supports Iridium phone and PTT mode
  • ▪ Data▪ Voice
    ▪ SMS▪ Bluetooth
    ▪ SBD▪ Handsfree
    ▪ Privacy Handset (optional)▪ GPS
    ▪ Tracking▪ Docking
    ▪ Charging▪ Ringer
    ▪ Mute▪ Horn Alert
    ▪ Intelligent Handset (optional)▪ USB
    ▪ SOS▪ Supports PTT
    ▪ Supports Voice via 9575▪ Corded PTT Handset
    DriveDOCK Extreme Power
    Average Power ConsumptionCurrent @ 12VDCWatts
    Rated Input9-32V DC2A max
    Transmit + Charging0.7A8.4W
    Sleep Mode5mA60mW

    DriveDOCK Extreme Interfaces
    Privacy Handset (Line In/Out)4-pole 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom of the DriveDOCK cradle.
    External Speaker and MicrophoneOne horizontal 2-pin Microfit connector on the cable loom for speaker and one vertical 2-pin Microfit connector for microphone.
    Data Port (USB)USB Mini-B 5-pin female (USB Slave). USB 2.0 compliant, CDC Serial profile.
    Alarm (Alert) LoopAlarm Mode: “Normally-Closed” Loop IN to OUT Up to 50m cable run multiple buttons in series. Brown wire is Input, Green wire is Output.
    Horn Output / Audio System MuteBlue wire on the cable loom. Open collector output can be interfaced to 12V or 24V DC with up to 120mA current sink capability.
    Power Cable4-way Microfit socket. +Vin (Red wire),0V (GND, Black wire), and ACC (On/Off Sense, Yellow wire). 9-32VDC tolerant. ACC sense: High(1) > +7Vdc Low (0) 0V < +5Vdc
    LEDs/ButtonsBluetooth, Ringer, Track, Mute, Up & Down

    DriveDOCK Extreme Physical
    Dock83W x 76D x 212H3.3 W x 3D x 8.3H
    Outer Box140W x 125D X 330H5.51W x 4.92D x 13H

    DriveDOCK Extreme Kit Contents
    DriveDOCK Extreme
    DC Power Cable/Fuse Kit
    Universal Mounting Bracket (RAM)
    Speaker & Microphone
    User Manual
    C1 Corded PTT Microphone / Speaker
    Universal Mounting Bracket for C1 microphone / speaker