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Make the most of your airtime with services such as:

OneMessage - Satellite Messaging App
OneMessage - Satellite Messaging App
Two-way private text messaging for satellite users.
VOCO Local # Calling Service
VOCO Local # Calling Service
A unique solution to allow satellite phone users to select one or many local phone numbers that will terminate to their satellite phone.
SpotCast - Text Weather Service
SpotCast - Text Weather Service
SpotCast Extreme weather data service for your satellite phone or device.
FlyCast Aviation Weather
FlyCast Aviation Weather
FlyCast Aviation METAR/TAF for your inReach, Iridium 9575, IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone Pro2

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals

OCENS makes renting a satellite phone easy. We also have the expertise and value add services to help you get the most out of your phone rental should you want to use this for email and / or weather downloads.

Affordable Iridium Daily, Weekly, Monthly, satellite phone rentals with 100% global coverage. We also offer all the various accessories for you to choose from to easily adapt this package into your travel plans.

If you require a rental period of less than one week or more than two months please download the printable rental agreement for more details and options.


  • NO Activation Fee / Pay-as-you-use
  • $1.85 per minute to PSTN and/or inbound calls using Two-Stage Dialing
  • $0.99 per min for Iridium-to-Iridium
  • $10.99 per min for calls to other satellite phones
  • Prepaid airtime packages are also available
  • $.90 per outgoing SMS
See service agreement for further details.

Download Rental Agreement

Take advantage of these OCENS exclusive FREE* services with your Iridium 9575 or GO! Rental:

For more information on the specific terminal choose below: