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Item #: WNET-040
Price: $149.00
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Global coverage, award-winning design, and the largest library of GRIB and classical weather, including ocean and fishing data, in the world, all in one package. State-of-the-art compression routines and file transfer procedures deliver data to you fast and affordably. Compatible with PC, Mac, and almost every satellite device on the market.

WeatherNet fulfills your quest for weather and ocean data like no service before it. For over a decade, WeatherNet has warehoused the most robust collection of weather, ocean and fishing data on the planet. As it has since its first day, the patented WeatherNet data transfer engine continues to hold the preeminent position in the accelerated delivery of content across all satellite and wireless platforms. These twin pillars of content diversity and file transfer performance are now integrated together in unprecedented fashion with the launch of WeatherNet’s new Portal mode and its imbedded intelligent Content Wizard. The Content Wizard personalizes WeatherNet’s vast content library to the specific weather, ocean and fishing interests of the individual user. It’s Portal mode then stages selections for the rapid and reliable global delivery of these products via satellite or cellular, wired or wireless connections.

Some key client-side features include a satellite phone connection wizard and satellite dialers that can connect directly to almost any type of satellite phone, incremental updating procedures that keep your onboard weather database current, and the capacity to choose text products (coastal, offshore, high seas) with either a point-and-click approach from a map or by simply using your location to search for reports nearby to you. Our SpotCast point forecasts for general weather conditions and wind/wave conditions at any location around the world are also available via WeatherNet.

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Please note that using data services with non Wi-Fi enabled satellite phones requires that you use a Sidekick Wi-Fi / Firewall device.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Need the software or just want to demo the service for 3 days?

Download the installer program and save it to your desktop or other folder and then run it to install the software. You can also download the Setup Guide (a copy of the software Help) to assist you in getting started with the software.
DownloadWeatherNet for Windows ver 5.14.2
(Approx: 120MB)
DownloadWeatherNet for Mac ver 5.14
(Approx: 203MB) Includes optional GRIB Explorer application.

Mac users with retina screens need to install software such as QuickRes or EasyRes to set a fixed screen resolution for mapping features in WeatherNet to work correctly. You can download this via or

DownloadWeatherNet 5 User guide
(Approx. 20MB) This is a PDF version of the entire Help from the software.

Common.db Patch: If you are experiencing the following error with your WeatherNet downloads, please download and run this patch to update the database in your software:

WeatherNet Error

Download Common.db patch (Approx: 342KB)


WeatherNet's fee structure is also revolutionary. Users simply activate their account for $149 per year and then pay for the weather they download. Each weather product is priced independently; data costs and estimated air time are computed prior to the download. The amazing thing is that WeatherNet is so efficient that you will pay less using this for pay service than you would downloading this data for free over the internet using conventional methods!

Cross sample of some of the data available including sample pricing.

  • Satellite Imagery: 30¢
  • Animation: $1
  • Buoy/Buoy Current: 10¢
  • Ice: 35¢
  • Radar: 10¢
  • Ocean Charts: 30¢
  • Text: 20¢
  • Tides: 10¢
  • Weather Charts: 30¢ (exceptions for 'hard-to-find' charts such as Chile Surface Forecasts are 60¢)
  • GRIB Met and WW3: 1 day: 30¢, 2 day: 35¢, 3 day: 40¢, 4 day: 45¢, 5 day: 50¢, 6 day: 60¢, and 7 day: 70¢
  • Ocean data includes ocean currents, sea surface temperature, sea surface height, sea surface salinity, mixed layer depth, sub-surface temps, and chlorophyll: $5.00 to $9.00 depending on # of days.
  • Thermocline: $10

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