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Whether you are cruising in the Bahamas, delivering a barge to Alaska, racing to Bermuda, exploring in central Africa or fishing in the Pacific, a common thread is shared. Your satellite phone needs to work, even if nothing else does.

At OCENS, every day we strive to separate our company from the fad and fancy, which is much of the satellite phone marketplace, by reminding ourselves what reality our customers face. This abiding attitude is reflected every day in the Software we develop, the Products we sell and the commitment we make to the after-sale Support of our customers.

There is nothing average about any of the software we’ve developed. Each of them represent countless hours of attention to the details which matter to the offshore subscriber. WeatherNet is a patented weather service combining a transfer engine specifically configured for satellite phones with a library of classical and modeled weather and ocean data and an intuitive file management system. GRIB Explorer and MetMapper are crafted with tools whose intent is to extract the last possible piece of information from the weather data you obtain from OCENS. OCENS Mail and its multi-user Enterprise Mail sibling set the bar against which other mail programs are judged for performance and reliability. Internet access with XWeb is vastly superior to that without it.

OCENS only sells satellite products it can support with confidence and integrity--a simple statement yet one that carries considerable implications. It means we won’t sell a product until we’ve spent time with it. It means we won’t recommend a product simply to satisfy this month’s revenue target. It means that we stand behind the products we do sell. And it means that we’ll do the best job we can to match the most suited product to the real needs of the customer.

Iridium handheld satellite phones work where no others do and are extremely robust and reliable for voice and data. IsatPhone Pro voice services in low to mid-latitudes are highly price competitive and hard to beat for quality. The Inmarsat mobile broadband services for land-mobile applications know no peer. VSAT delivers fixed broadband for remote locations at highly competitive rates. Our value-add equipment such as the WebXaccelerator, Horizon and the E5 dialer reduce costs while extending the capabilities of our broadband services with extremely innovative implementations.

We started out as a small company and the main characteristic that really distinguished us from the crowd was our support of subscribers after the sale. Although we’ve grown a bit since then, our commitment to end-user support is unwavering. In fact, this resolve is one of the components of our evolving company which remains unchanged. We recognize we’re never going to be perfect at it (and we expect you to tell us when we aren’t), but we strive to be each and every day.

Sound Software, Solid Products, Soaring Service—Our core values, wrapped together by professionals with a common purpose and a goal of delivering satellite communication solutions that work when nothing else does.

Mark Freeberg
President and CEO