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GRIB Explorer for iPad
SAGA Explorer for iPad
Premium weather, ocean and fishing GRIBs, coastal, offshore, and high seas text forecasts, buoy data and Nexrad radar loops.
Iridium GO! Device
Iridium GO! Device
Create a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere!

Helping cruisers decipher satellite communications and simplify email and weather access is one of the aspects of OCENS that makes us who we are. We’ve long recognized the human side of this important market sector; the fact that most cruisers have worked hard in their chosen careers to now set off to pursue a dream and that a big part of that new life is reliably communicating with friends and family. The last thing you now need is a salesman pitching the latest gadget because it nets him the highest commission. Instead, we seek to be an honest broker of your options by listening to your interests, discussing your destinations and recognizing your budget before recommending the satellite system and data services best matching those conditions. We then provide professional staff after the sale is complete to help you install and begin to use these voice and data services. After all, you haven’t spent eight hours of every day for the last 15 years making your computer work with your satellite phone…OCENS has.


OCENSMail / OneMail

OCENS offers two of the most powerfull email solutions available... to keep you connected.

OCENSMail is a full email service providing you with a dedicated email address and is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. OCENSMail gives you full control over what you download.. get everything when you are on the local internet that is cheap or free, or limit the max size when you are out and using your satellite phone. OCENSMail takes care of the compression automatically, and auto dials your satellite phone. Configuring your satellite connection is a snap with our Sidekick Wi-Fi add on, just plug your satellite phone into the Sidekick - connect your computer to the Sidekicks Wi-Fi and you are off and running, no modem configuration, no driver software configuration.

OCENS OneMail app is designed for those wanting direct access to their Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or other email account while traveling with only satellite phone based internet access. This app, along with OCENS Sidekick Wi-Fi device and your satellite phone, provides fully encrypted secure access to your email account to download the headers for all of your emails. You can then select just the emails you want to download. All email traffic is maintained on your current account so you always have a record of your correspondence.



OCENS WeatherNetWeatherNet is the only weather service that allows you to pay only for the weather you use. It now contains the largest collection of Gridded Binary (GRIB) data ideal for the efficient relay of weather information through satellite phones. But it also doesn’t overlook the important perspectives added by classical information such as weather charts, text forecasts and buoys. Like OCENSMail, WeatherNet delivers its weather data to you by auto-dialing your satellite phone and connecting to our weather servers. Once the data is on your computer, WeatherNet auto-disconnects, then launches the appropriate software to view and analyze the information pertinent to your next route.

GRIB Explorer

COENS GRIB ExplorerGRIB Explorer is our GRIB viewing software. It works seamlessly with WeatherNet to display GRIB information and tune it to your needs. Animate multi-day sequences of GRIB data, view position information, and effortlessly analyze frontal information, precipitation, waves and winds. 3D views add further perspective. Special 2D time and spatial graphs offer special insight. All in all, GRIB Explorer packs more analytical horsepower into its package than any other GRIB viewer on the market today.


OCENS MetMapperMetMapper delivers a weather-watching experience completely different from that of the picture software with which most classical weather data is viewed. It does so by adding an interactive map layer to weather and ocean charts downloaded from WeatherNet that transforms these pieces of weather data from static pictures into dynamic tools for analysis and decision-making. Add routes, create waypoints and routes, annotate, and place auto-georeferenced bearing and range markers right on the chart in front of you. Window text forecasts alongside charts and satellite images for a rapid translation of the data into real-time planning information. Animate series of charts to put the weather in motion. In many ways, MetMapper accomplishes with classical data what GRIB Explorer does with GRIB information. Just another way that OCENS provides unique solutions to the needs of the cruising community.


Cruising with OCENS on-board

Iridium Satellite Phones and Accessories

Iridium 9575In the ever-changing landscape which is the handheld satellite phone market, Iridium has stood out for the last several years as a clear leader in voice and data communications. Docking stations with a diverse array of capabilities (and prices) are available for cruisers who will be depending on the phone for routine, if not daily, voice and data access. External antennas and cabling complement these stations for around-the-clock, all-weather access to your email and weather information and phone calls. OCENS offers the full range of prepaid and postpaid airtime plans available from Iridium as well as some plans it has crafted itself to meet the unique needs of the cruising community.