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Iridium 9575 Rental
Iridium 9575 Rental
OCENS makes renting a satellite phone easy. We also have the expertise and value add services to help you get the most out of your phone rental should you want to use this for email and / or weather downloads.
Sidekick Satellite Wi-Fi Router
Sidekick Satellite Wi-Fi Router
Connect smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to satellite phones that do not have built-in Wi-Fi
Sailor Fleet One from Cobham
Sailor Fleet One from Cobham
Cost effective hardware solutions and tailored airtime options

Maritime Communications

Rentals FleetOne WeatherNet Crew Communications

Whether its a sturdy and versatile handheld satellite phones or lightweight, high-performance broadband equipment, OCENS has a long history of supporting the ocean racer. We have a track record dating back to the late-1990s of supplying satellite phones and data services to participants in the Newport-Bermuda, Marion-Bermuda, Annapolis-Bermuda, Vic-Maui, Pacific Cup, Trans-Pac, Sydney-Hobart, Caribbean 1500, Marblehead to Halifax, and even the Vende Globe and Volvo races. We also contribute to many ocean rallies such as the Baja Ha-Ha and Salty Dawg, Caribbean 1500 and ARC.

Rental packages are available for Iridium handheld satellite phones, the Iridium GO! and Fleet Broadband terminals for those needing broadband services. WeatherNet and OCENSMail provide critical ocean and race information in a highly compressed and accelerated fashion. And for the crew we offer our OneMail and OneMessage services - allowing your crew stay connected without breaking the bank in satellite airtime charges.

Our support team has experienced the rush which is the last minute preparation of your vessel communications for the race ahead. When it comes to racing, we’re experienced, we’re knowledgeable and, just like you, we’re highly competitive.


Satellite Phone Rental Packages

Presently our race rentals incorporate the Iridium handheld satellite phone because of its global coverage and persistent reliability, wether you are wanting a handeld phone, the Iridium GO for its versitility, or an Inmarsat FleetOne for the shear data speed, OCENS can help. Compatable units include free tracking services as well!


Inmarsat Sailor Cobham FleetOne

Weighing less than 9 pounds (3.9 kg) and just 11 inches (28 cm) in diameter, the Inmarsat FleetOne is an excellent choice for the racer keen on maximizing broadband access with a minimum on-vessel footprint. The FleetOne terminal supports data speeds up to 150kbps for your weather and data commuincations needs as well as clear voice communications. 


WeatherNet contains arguably the world’s largest library of GRIB information covering any portion of the world’s oceans. With none of these data proprietary, WeatherNet rapidly downloads GRIB wind, wave and ocean current information which can be pumped directly into your optimal routing software. Of course, the service also provides the latest classical information such as text and buoy reports, weather charts and satellite imagery. WeatherNet integrates seamlessly with any satellite phone.

Crew Communications: Email / Messaging

Want to keep your crew happy by providing private communications for them to stay connected? With OCENS OneMail or OneMessage apps each crew member can have their own private account to send message back with minimal impact on your satellite connection.